Can I ask a question jet fans?

Why are you so anxious to get rid of your quarterback Mark Sanchez?

 In my travels recently I was listening to Sports talk radio and couldn’t believe how many fans called wanting to either have Mark Sanchez traded away or have him  take less money sit on the bench and watch Peyton Manning quarterback this Jets team. Let’s make this clear …. Peyton Manning is an all-time great quarterback and if you get a chance to get him, you have to try right? The problem with this fellow Jet fans is 1) we have been down this road before with Brett Favre 2) The Jets need help on both sides of the ball. Not at quarterback. As Rex Ryan has told everyone that will listen they have gone to two AFC Championship games with Sanchez as their quarterback. He is young and durable as the New York Jet quarterback, having missed little time to injury. Management thought enough of this young man to trade up in the draft 3 years ago to select him as they franchise quarterback In his first two seasons in the National Football League, Mark Sanchez has won 4 playoff games all on the road not an easy feat.  Also remember Peyton Manning has not played all year this season due to neck surgery and no one not Peyton Manning, not the doctors, not the Colts, not the jets have any clue what he has left, assuming there are no further setbacks. No one knows how his body will react for the first time he gets hit how his neck will respond is a huge question mark.

Many Jet fans up until this season ended proudly walked around wearing their Mark Sanchez #6 jerseys. If you get rid of Sanchez what happens to those jerseys? Will you be willing to throw away good money? Peyton Manning has never had to deal with the press coverage in Indianapolis like he would if he came to New York.  Are you sure that he is up for the challenge that would be in the making of he came to New York? 

By the way it is going to cost the Jets a ton of money and players to get him here. And that is if Peyton Manning wanted to come to play the rest of his career in New York. If you bring Peyton Manning how many players do you think the Jets will have to cut to fit him in their salary cap? Don’t forget you need help on both sides of the ball.

 On the defensive side, Bart Scott is a shell of what he was his first season with the Jets, they still don’t have pass rush that makes offenses have respect for them, and they can’t guard a tight end if the tight end was in a wheelchair.  If you need proof of that look at the games against the New England Patriots .Antonio Cromartie gambles way too much and gets burned too often. Kyle Wilson has improved but still has lapses where he gets burned. We all know Darrelle Revis is their best player on either side of the ball period.

 The offense is offensive starting with the play calling; Schottinheimer leaves a lot to be desired as a coordinator maybe they need to bring in someone that can call a better game offensively. He abandons the running game too quickly, which doesn’t help Mark Sanchez as a quarterback or the team’s offensive game. Santonio Holmes he of the 50 million dollar contract should be shown the door for his selfish play all year and me first pouting when his quarterback and team needed him the most. They could have used a player like Jericho Cotchery who is a free agent. Would he want to return to the Jets? The running game for the most part needs an upgrade Shone Greene didn’t show up this year, Tomlinson is a year older and their offensive line other than Nick Mangold, Dbrickashaw Ferguson and Brandon Moore needs to be replaced. They nearly got Sanchez killed this season. The point is fellow Jet fans as sexy as it is to think that Peyton Manning is the cure for the Jets ills, Mark Sanchez isn’t the problem, not even close.  And yet for all the Jets problems had they beat the Broncos and the raiders they would be playing in the playoffs right now. Management has it work cut out for them to be sure, but Mark Sanchez needs to be given a break jet fans. Sanchez may deliver a super bowl to you one day if you are doubting that just remember Giant fans were beating up Eli Manning the same way we beat Mark Sanchez and all he did was eventually win a Super bowl was the MVP of the Super bowl.

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