NBA, the Jets and Texas Rangers

NBA, the Jets and Texas Rangers…



Michael Jordan made the comment recently that the one player that compares closest to himself is not Lebron James but Kobe Bryant. Michael Jordan won six NBA Championships in his career. Jordan was the NBA Finals MVP for all six championships.

Kobe Bryant has won five NBA Championships so far in his career. Kobe was the NBA Finals MVP twice, in 2009 and 2010. Shaq was the NBA Finals MVP in the other three years Kobe and the Los Angeles Lakers won championships from 2000-2002.

Yet while Jordan looks down on everyone he and David Stern seem to forget that Bill Russell won 11 championships as a player. Or more to the point that is what Jordan and Kobe have combined. So maybe the next time Jordan counts his rings maybe he should remember it is Russell who should be the standard when the topic of Championships is brought up.

And speaking of Russell…

For all the talk of Russell Westbrook being a selfish player on a team with Kevin Durant, the Oklahoma City Thunder thought enough of Westbrook to give a 5 year 80 million dollar contract …at 23 years old and already in his 4th NBA season it looks like it’s asking a lot for Westbrook to be more team oriented but he is going to be a fixture for the Thunder for the foreseeable future. So sit back and enjoy a young hungry talented player (Westbrook) play with an equally hungry talented player (Durant) as they workout the nuts and bolts to his breath taking and madden at the same time game.

The reality TV show known as the New York Jets are back in the news as Woody Johnson backs Mark Sanchez as his quarterback… Wow big news really?? Woody?? Mark Sanchez is 25 just finished his 3rd year as an NFL quarterback been to 2 AFC championship games. However if Peyton Manning becomes available …will Woody Johnson still be backing Sanchez??? Watch your back Mark Sanchez ….and by the way Santonio Holmes will be coming back the Jets can’t afford to take a salary cap hit if they dump him. So Santonio make nice with your quarterback because unless Peyton Manning is walking through that door to the locker-room neither one of you are going anywhere.

Did I miss something but when did the Texas Rangers get money to spend on players?

The Rangers spent 111 million dollars on Japanese pitcher Yu Darvich. 60 million in player salary and 51 million in posting fee just to talk to him wow!!!! The Rangers just a few short years ago were hurting financially. And they are interested in signing Prince Fielder … Please tell the Fred and Jeff how to get that money so they can spend it on the players too.


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