Jets stay grounded against Texans …

The Jets did not disappoint. No one expected them to beat the 49ers and Houston Texans in back to back week and they held true to form. They lost both games. By a combined score of 57-17. So much for Rex Ryan’s claim of this being the best defense since he has been here as Jet head coach. Yet the defense isn’t their main problem it’s their offense or lack there of. Again I am not stating anything that you the fans haven’t already noticed or knew already. No matter how good a defense is if you are constantly doing a 3 and out your defense is going to wear down from just the sheer point of being on the field way too long and way too much. Now couple that with the lost of the best defensive player in the league (Darrelle Revis ) and you have a dissater. Can anyone explain why Shone Green has not been shown the bench yet? He hasn’t done anything close to the running he did in his rookie year, and yet he is treated like he was LaDamien Tomlison or Thomas Jones. Shone Green show be on the bench until further notice. Replace Green with Joe Mc Knight, yes I said Joe McKnight, the same one who fumbles. Tiki Barber used to fumble alot when he was running for the Giants, yet when Coughlin took over he worked with Tiki and finally he stopped fumbling. Maybe someone with the Jets should work with Mcknight so he won’t fumble.  At this point he can’t be any worse than Green has been. Get Mcknight out there and give him a real chance to see what he can do.The next conversation that needs to be had is with Tim Tebow… his days as a quarterback are done. Have him line up as a running back. As a quarterback he isn’t going to fool defenses and isn’t going  keep defensive coordinators up nights as a threat. Change him to a full time running back and use him as such. You might as well. You know he isn’t going to make it as a quarteback in this league. Next if I was Coach Ryan I would ask Tony Sparano for his playbook and then when he has it to me… burn it and tell him to come up with something real and something different so far his playcalling is worse than the man that he replaced … Next Take Terrell Owens up on his offer and sign him (Yes I am desparate!!!)If he doesn’t work out you cut him and forget he happened. What do you have to lose? You lost Holmes for the season, and the receiving corps is thin beside what’s a 3 ring circus with out another performer who craves the spotlight one last time? This team is 2-3 and feels like 0-5 or 1-4 on the way to 3-13 season…yet the schedule makers gave the Jets the Colts this week or did the schedule makers give the Colts the Jets this week?

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One thought on “Jets stay grounded against Texans …

  1. Honestly Jerry, I think Joe McKnight’s sister would be an upgrade over Greene…And why not either let Tebow get 6-8 snaps in a row so he’s not so damn predictable or let him be a RB on a down or two. Hey Rex, Do just do something, stand there!!!
    And when the season’s over they should fire Tannenbaum for sure..

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