The Giants sweep the Tigers, Harden traded for Martin and Lamb, Jets using bye week to get answers

 Before I start my entry I want to say the readers of this blog in light of Hurricane Sandy sweeping its might up and down the East Coast. I hope tonight finds you and your love ones healthy safe with electricity and in peace. We take our sports seriously, but nothing is more serious than life, so while we look at game 7 of the World Series, game 7 of the NBA finals, Game 7 of the Stanley Cup or the Super Bowl as do or die, they all pale in comparison to the preciousness of life and how fragile it can be against the might of nature.

Giants silence the roar of the Tigers I have to admit I was so wrong about this one. I thought the Tigers were going to win in 6. But when Sandoval had a career night to end all career nights in game 1 with three home runs…well you just knew this was momentum changer that the Tigers would be able to overcome. Let’s face it if Miguel Cabrera hit 3 home runs in the game that would be what you expected correct? If Prince Fielder hit 3 home runs you would expect that right? But Pablo Sandoval? Really? Did anyone other than maybe Sandoval in his boyhood dreams see that coming? Be honest …NOPE. Then the Giants beat up on Justin Verlander. You saw that one coming too right? Come on man be serious…Nope. Okay so down 2-0 I am still holding out hope that the Tigers can make a series out of this yet. NOPE. Got to tip your hat to the Giants they silenced the Tigers bats. Note to Brian Cashman for all the fury the New York press rains on you and your team for not hitting in the postseason, the Tigers was just as bad as you… so maybe just maybe it is true great pitching beats good hitting.

Harden gets traded to Houston for Martin and Lamb

Wow someone told me Jeremy Lamb got traded but wasn’t clear on the details but when I read the trade was for James Harden, I was surprised. Didn’t know he was on the market to be honest. I wonder how this will mess with the chemistry with the Thunder big 3 of Durant Westbrook and Serge Ibaka. Harden in many ways was more important than say Westbrook because of his being a double threat (from the outside and drive to the paint) which gave Durant and Westbrook and the rest of the bigs of the Thunder the rare ability to get open for passes in the paint for easy baskets. This was about money both for now and down the road I get it, but something tells me this is the start of the decline before they have a chance to be great. For Houston Jeremy Lin (remember him?) will have someone to toss the ball to. It’s going to be rough on Harden to go from the NBA Finals to a team that could contend for the NBA Lottery. What did he do to upset Oklahoma City management that much?

Jets using the bye week to get answers

They went from being 2-0 in the division to now 2-2. They went from having the chance to still be in the playoff hunt at 4-3 and feeling good about themselves going into the bye week, to being 3-5 and looking for answers offensively and having to play the Seahawks in Seattle after the bye week. Look no further than General Manager Mike Tannebaum who didn’t upgrade the offensive line, did not upgrade their pass rush and did not upgrade their receiving corps. No running game worth defending against which means Sanchez can’t play action which means play the pass and shut that down and beat the Jets. But the Jets got Tim Tebow and don’t use him enough to justify the hype. Nice move Mr.T .

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