Sean Payton’s Saints contract voided by NFL …could be free agent


In a surprising move, suspended Saints coach Sean Payton contract was voided by the NFL for due to language the league found unacceptable, according to ESPN. If this is true and the coach is no longer under contract to the Saints, this will further complicate the bounty gate scandal even more. Payton was suspended for his role in the bounty gate scandal and is sitting out the entire 2012 season as his punishment. If after his suspension is serving and he is free to talk to other teams, imagine the chaos that would ensue. If this was to happen during the off season this would be one thing, teams would line up to talk to Payton. But during the season, that would create problems no team wants. Imagine say the Jets or Cowboys were talking to Payton now …problem number one the season is half way over, the teams are not going to fire headcoaches now, Payton would want to bring his guys with him and rightly so, get things started his way, with changes to personnel etc… if this happened in the off season that would make plenty of sense, but if he were talking to teams now, it would be completely disrupted to the current coach and his staff and the players as well. Problem number why would the NFL announce this now? At first I thought Roger Goodell was a good law and order commisioner cleaning up the bad boys of the NFL and being a no nonsense commissioner. But I am being to wonder how much is he overstepping his bounds here. When was the last time you heard that an NFL coaches contract was voided due to language unacceptable to the NFL DURING THE SEASON? Something smells alittle fishy. But if everything is on the level… picture the madness teams will put themselves through to talk to Sean Payton a SuperBowl winning coach and an offensive genuis? It could happen …

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One thought on “Sean Payton’s Saints contract voided by NFL …could be free agent

  1. I can see Jerry Jones hiring Payton, and I also can see the same team that signed high profile names like Brett Favre, Plaxico Buress, LaDanian Tomlinson, and Tim Tebow sign him as well. Woody Johnson is probably salivating over the prospect of having him on the Jets sidelines…But of course, AFTER the season is over!

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