Are the Eagles out for the count?

The Eagles are 3-5 and fading fast and don’t look good doing it. They are in that exclusive club with the Dallas Cowboys, who are also 3-5. The club I am refering to is the coulda, woulda, shoulda club. Both have the talent on paper to win the division, and be considered as Super bowl contenders, yet both can’t seem to avoid looking like they just joined popwarner. I hate to say this but I have seen better in popwarner. The Eagles though are in some respect worse than the Cowboys in that they knew going in to this season that this was win or else season. It is clear Andy Reid their stalwart coach is going to be coaching else where next season. This team has stopped listening to him a long time ago. And there is only so much he can do. He can’t tackle for them he can’t hold on to the football, or pass block, or even avoid fumbling the football. After watching the Eagles get leveled the rejuvernated Saints, it is clear for both Andy Reid’s and Michael Vick’s sake they both need out of Philadephia, and quick. Reid to avoid losing his mind and Vick to avoid losing his life because his line nearly got him killed Monday Night in New Orleans. It’s not just this loss, it’s every loss for the past two years that has Eagles fans scratching and screaming. Last year November in fact I was at the game the Eagles lost to the Cardinals 17-14. It look like it was the eagels game to win with less than 2 minutes left. I left to get in the parking lot and get in the car. Next thing I heard was loud booing and cursing as people were leaving the stadium. I have been to loud stadiums before, and been to one when the booing and hissing was at it’s zenith, this was worse. Either Andy Reid is the worse coach in the league ever(NOT) or these players are determined to get this coach fired. Their stats look good on paper but 3-5 says you are 3-5. LeSean McCoy finished with 19 carries for 119 yards, but only 18 yards came after halftime. Great stats but no win. Vick has to be hearing footsteps. His receivers aren’t doing him any favors by the drops and not holding on to sure passes that my friends and I from my childhood could have and did make in the school yard. This is going to cause a big shake up in Philly, count on it. I can’t even begin to guess who could shake this group up but …The Eagles need not a new coach but a change of heart. They are not showing heart. Before the start of the game Vick gave the troops an inspired pep talk before taking the field and that didn’t do any good. And I thought being a Jet fan was rough.

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One thought on “Are the Eagles out for the count?

  1. I don’t think Reid will get fired. The Eagles will consider what happened to his son and show some heart. Instead Reid will ‘resign’ at season’s end. There won’t be any playoffs for the Eagles TIS season!

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