What can Brown do for you Laker fans?

Maybe I am makinig more of this than I need to but did you catch even the highlights of the Lakers and Detroit Pistons game Sunday night? What was Mike Brown thinking? In the midst of a 108-79 spanking of the Detroit Pistons, with the game no longer in doubt, and with a few minutes left, Laker Coach Mike Brown, reinserts Dwight Howard back in the game. Howard you can see the look on his face was surprised, and Brown nudged him twice to get back in the game. Two points, If Howard reinjured his back on a blowout a game that was no longer in doubt, how would he be able to explain that to his bosses and keep his job? And second his excuse was he wanted to keep the point margin at 20 points or more, smacks of a coach who either doesn’t trust his bench to hold the lead or a coach who is so determined to intergrade his team in the Princeton offense that he is going to blow out his own team early on and won’t have anything left for the latter half of the season, but in either case this episode may have fell under the radar, but it raises thoughts in my mind, how long before Brown really starts feeling the heat for questionable moves?

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