Lakers didn’t want to Power up with Phil

It’s not everyday that when it comes to employment you get to call the shots so to speak, especially when an perpective employer calls you to join their organization. So when you have the opportunity to name your price,what do you do? You jump at the chance and ask for the moon hopiing you get a star. That’s apparently what Phil Jackson did and why he isn’t the Laker coach again. He asked for the moon hoping to engage and enrage Laker management  particulary Jim Buss with his demands. There is a fine line of knowing when and what to ask for when you have leverage, and when and when not to ask for the moon knowing, it won’t go well. Jackson had to know by asking for control of the team that wasn’t going to fly well. Maybe he felt since they flew to his home they wanted him so bad that they would give personnel decision making authority, who knew for sure? But in the end they didn’t want him that bad, and went after MIke Dantoni, who for the seond time in his coaching career he fell into a premire franchise’s lap. Phil Jackson wanted to make one final score and make it worth his while or not bother. But by putting the Laker management through hoops, he comes across as looking greedy and looking like he wasn’t that interested in returning to th sidelines for the Lakers. Maybe another team down the road will engage Phil Jackson in his kind of negotations, but for now and the next 3 years it won’t be with the Lakers.

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3 thoughts on “Lakers didn’t want to Power up with Phil

  1. Honestly Jerry, I didn’t want him here with my Knicks last year either. I put up a piece called, “We don’t want you either Phil” if you remember. Not hungry enough and wants too many requisites. Lakers were smart to pass.

    1. Yes I remember LOL do you think this is the endo f Phil Jackson’s coaching career ? I CAN’T CHANGE THE DIRECTION OF THE WIND, BUT I CAN ADJUST MY SAILS SO I CAN ALWAYS REACH MY DESTINATION.


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