The Circus that is the New York Jets …

I am going to start off this by saying I am not a Jet hater and while I kill the Jets for the tebow move and more, I am a Jet fan now that said please understand the following:

I’m almost at the point that I want the season to be over so that the following will happen. The jets will bottom out and force Owner Woody Johnson to make changes across the board. Remove Mike Tannebaum and Rex Ryan. If I were Woody Johnson I’d seriously look into bringing in either Andy Reid and or Mike Holgrem or someone like Sean Payton, not sure if I’d make a run at Bill Cowher, Mangini be there done that, Jon Gruden hmmmm maybe he would fun. But anyone but Tannebaum and Rex (TREX) The Jets have become a joke in their own locker room, their fan base is frustrated beyond belief and the players are making comments about Tebow and not putting their names to the comments. Only Shonn Green and Matt Slouson have gone on record and shown guts to put their names next to their comments. I have gone on record before saying that getting Tebow was the wrong move and that quarterback was the LEAST of their problems. I like Sanchez as the quarteback of this team. Yes he makes bone head plays, yes there are times he makes you wonder if he knows what’s going on, but quarterbacks tend to do that when they play poorly. It’s a high profile job and when you win you get the praise …when you lose …well you get it rolling all down hill. The Jets traded for Tebow and didn’t have a real way to use him unless he was under the impression at this point he would be the starting quarterback. The Jets didn’t get Sanchez and help at wide receiver, no help on the running game and no ohelp on the offensive line and then bring in a offensive coordinator who is clueless in how to call a game, so is it any wonder they are 3-6? Now all Rex does it talk abotuhow they are going to run the table on the way to the playoffs. Really Rex? How so? howabout winnig a winnable game against the Rams first. Thsi notion of the Jets getting a winner in Tebow was and is a slap in the face to Sanchez. Yes Tebow won a playoff game against the Steelers, however, Sanchez won 4 playoff games all on the road, has been to two AFC championship games, so who is the real winner here? The next Jet quarteback isn’t on this roster yet. Down the road for his own sanity Sanchez should be packaged elsewhere. This team at somepoint will get blown up and Tebow won’t be left standing either. He has shown little in his time here, and don’t forget there is a reason Elway couldn’t wait to be rid of him in Denver even when he was winning all those games …he’s not that good as a quarterback. Since the Jets don’t know what to do with Tebow (I suggested make him a fulltime runnning back) forget the wildcat. Rex talks up his players, and in his mond maybe it better than blasting them , but at some point poor performances need to be held accountable. Maybe the release of Aaron Maybin was a step in that direction. But this is a poorly put together team that talks more than it wins. It’s time for this circus to leave town. Time to bring some order and leadership to this team. TREX brings in Tony Sparano who couldn’t coach his way out of paperbag in Miami and bring him in to install a new offense that was supposed to be great wonder and wildcat. Then the season starts and other than the Buffalo game nothing. As WFAN’s Joe Benigo says “Are you kidding me?, you can’t make this stuff up”. Totally agree Joe.

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