Small thoughts Rants and Raves

Rants- New York Jets for a team that talks a lot they have very little to show. Two years ago this team looked like a legit Super Bowl contender, then last season was a stinker and they finished 8-8. So instead of truly fixing the offensive line, getting a real pass rusher, and perhaps a running back, they get a backup quarterback who isn’t a true backup quarterback and a player they didn’t need and did little or nothing else to improve the team and now at 3-6, may not or will not reach the playoffs for the second year in a row. Now there are rumblings that the players do not like the backup quarterback (Tim Tebow) wow what a shock, what a surprise really? Seriously? After this season there needs to be some serious housecleaning with this team, starting with the General Manager and the coach, and a few diva like players (Santonio Holmes)…if we could fire the Owner …

 Rants- Lakers and Phil Jackson- Both did a bad job public relations wise this week. The Lakers knew coming into the season they were not happy with the progress the team was making under Mike Brown. They should have made a move BEFORE THE SEASON, not 5 games into the season, and then reach out to Jackson and then make a deal with Mike Dantoni. This is from an organization that for many years was considered bright and stable and proactive, not reactive. Phil Jackson deserves a rant his way too for being too greedy and trying to push his luck. When the music stopped he was left standing, and nowhere to sit. It was his job to lose and guess what …he loses it.

 Rants- Phil Simms – what is it with these ex-Giant players taking shots at Eli. I thought we ended all the talk about whether Eli Manning was an elite quarterback. Ok Phil, Amani and Tiki get it straight; Eli is elite quarterback he something extraordinary in the Super Bowl, he won twice!!!!Both times against the New England patriots who were favored both times. He beat the best quarterback in Tom Brady twice when it mattered most and won the MVP of the Super Bowl both times, so he wasn’t a bystander he was actively leading his team. By the way Phil in case you and other ex-Giants forgot, the play that made David Tyresse famous was made possible by Eli fighting off defenders and nearly getting sacked and escaping and pulling off one of the more spectacular throws in Super bowl history. I respected Simms until he made that comment. Simms was solid and fiery as a quarterback but to knock a two time winner and Super bowl MVP like that well. Phil maybe it was you that wasn’t an elite quarterback based on your theory of what an elite quarterback is.

Raves- Robert Allen Dickey aka R.A. Dickey for being the third Met in MLB History to win the National League CY Young award. He is the first knuckleball pitcher to win the award and the first Met since Dwight Gooden (1985) to win (Tom Seaver won it 3 times as a Met). Now the Met brass need to a big solid and sign him to a new contract.

 Raves- New York Knicks- for continuing the good start by beating a good San Antonio Spur team in San Antonio a place that the Knicks never play well at. Down 10 points the Knicks rallied behind Jason Kidd, to win 104-100. They won this game without a big night form Carmelo Anthony who did the other things, like rebound, play defense and pass the ball all when on this night he wasn’t going to be able to score. Nice job Carmelo and company.

Raves to Buster Posey and Miguel Cabrera for winning the National League and American League MVP. Cabrera winning the Triple Crown should have been a slam dunk for winning the MVP. Some how many so called experts were pushing hard to give Mike trout MVP over a Triple Crown winner.  It isn’t like triple crowns happen all the time; the last one was in 1967. So nice job, Miguel Cabrera.

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