49ers switch at Quarterback …is it a good thing?

Colin Kaepernick looks like the new S.F. starter.


The usual rule in sports as that you do not lose your job to injury. Yet there exceptions to that rule. Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick are that exception. With Alex Smith out due to injury not performance, Kaepernick has turned heads and opened eyes. Yes I saw his coming out party on Monday night and texted a friend as to who was this guy and why hasn’t he been playing at least from the start of the season. Yes it was that kind of performance. From 3000 miles away, it’s easy to second guess especially when you don’t follow the 49ers as I do the Jets and Giants. But by naming Colin Kaepernick, the stater was he creating a quarterback controversary when there wasn’t one? And should Alex Smith lose his job with still 4 to 5 weeks left in the season and the 49ers with the best record in the NFC?  And how can anyone complain about players in any sport about being loyal to their teams when in a heartbeat teams drop one player quickly for another player when a situation like this happens? The 49ers are not strangers  to quarteback controversary, Montana and Young come to mind. That ended ugly and either one on their worse day was better than Smith and Kaepernick on their best day. For those of you who never saw Montana and Young in their prime trust me  on that. However, in defense of Smith, he has gotten the 49ers to this point behind a stingy defnese and a solid running game. Ask Mark Sanchez of the Jets if he like to have that now. I understand that Harbaugh’s window to win is short in the Brees, Rodgers, Manning(Peyton and Eli) Brady, Roethlisberger era. So he he taking a big chance on trying to win now. It becomes apparent they don’t have alot of confidence in Alex Smith, don’t forget theydid pursue Peyton Manning in the offseason. So now to turn the reigns over to a second year quarterback, it does smack of lack of confidence in the starter Alex Smith. What happens if Colin Kaepernick, starts to play like a second year quarterback or becomes exposed or worse gets hurt, how does Harbaugh fit his face and go back to Alex Smith? This is the gamble, though that Harbaug is willing to take. It will bear watching to see how this plays out the balance of the season with Harbaugh walking the tightrope with his QB’s performance going forward. For the 49ers it’s simple ..Super Bowl or bust. For Harbaugh sake he better be right on his switch at quarterback.

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6 thoughts on “49ers switch at Quarterback …is it a good thing?

    1. The issue is when harbaugh is asked who his starter is he said both are his starter which means he has no starter. it’s obvoius he doesn’t care much for Alex Smith but he can say that now and risk losing his QB and the team so expect things to be different after …the playoffs

      1. We know how Harbaugh viewed Alex Smith , it’s not rocket science when you consider that the franchise made a play for Peyton Manning during the offseason . It was the sexy thing to do at the time ,

        As such , was it a mirage in terms of Smith’s play in the postseason last year ?

        Come full circle , and now we have Kaepernick being the man of the moment ” . Let’s hope for the Niners’ sake the kid doesn’t get injured , because I’d hate to know what Smith’s psyche might be like at that time . He’s (Smith) never struck me as a kid who could truly handle adversity well .

      2. its the timing of it that makes this a problem when it shouldn’t be. If he does this in the off season no problem, in season with 5 to 6 weeks left and you feel you are a super bowl contender …big problem

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