Knicks, Nets the rivalry is on …for real

deron Williams and meloNew York Knicks v Brooklyn NetsMelo Fired up


For years the Knicks were good, very good, great kind of good back when Clyde, the Pearl, Dollar Bill,the captain Willis Reed and Dave DeBusschere ruled the court, ruled the city and finally ruled basketball. You couldn’t say you like basketball or play basketball and not either have a favorite knick or copied that Knick’s signature move. The Nets weren’t even a consideration. Then came Rick Barry Larry Kenon, Super John Williamson and one Julius Erving aka Dr.J and the Nets became interesting, but still there wasn’t a rivalry. When the Nets sold Dr. J to the 76ers they became irrelivant a team in search of itself until Jason Kidd came along. But that time the Knicks were on the decline then they became the joke of the NBA. But now…both teams are good at the same time. Both are primed and ready top make a run at the NBA elite. The Nets moved from across the river from New Jersey to Brooklyn, in the heart of Knick terroitory looking to set upp shop and steal some Knick fans along the way. But a funny thing happened. The Knicks started getting good players again, players that know how to play basketball and have a basketball IQ. Such as former Net Jason Kidd. Whoo was supposed to be the back up to the now departed Jeremy Lin. As it turned out, Jason Kidd was the most important signing the Knicks made this off season.He has set the tone for the team. The first time the two teams met Kidd didn’t play due to back spasms, his absence contributed to the Knick loss in overtime to Brooklyn 96-89 two weeks ago. Last night Kidd was in the lineup and his presence was felt as he hit the game winner with the Knicks pulling out a victory 100-97. So now both  teams have one game against the other. Both games have been played on the Nets homecourt. Can’t wait to have the next one played at the Garden. Expect that to be a real barnburner to say the least. Both teams are good at the same time which is rare in these parts. Which will really make for some heated moments for the players and the fans. Don’t believe that the players don’t feel this has become a rivalry in fact they know it has become that and more

Kidd finished with 18 points against his former team, who used to dominate the Knicks when he played in New Jersey. He pumped his fist afterward in what he said was as much emotion as he shows, though denied taking any special pleasure in beating the Nets.

“I’m a competitor. I want to win,” he said.

“It is (a rivalry). I mean, after that first game, we might as well accept that,” Anthony said. “It is what it is. They’re on our division, we see them four times a year. It is a rivalry. It’s great for New York to have that in Brooklyn and in Manhattan. When we come here it’s a battle. When they come there, it’s going to be a battle. We expect that.”

Even without Brook Lopez in the lineup for the Nets, Brooklyn received strong play from Andre Blatche with 23 points and Reggie Evans with 18 rebounds. Derron Williams also scored 18 points and had 10 assists in the losing effort. For the Knicks Carmelo finished with 45 points and has continued his inspired play all season. The victory put the Knicks at 16-5 keeping them in first place in the Atlantic Division, while the Nets are 11-9 four an half games behind the Knicks in the division. The Next time these two teams meet will be next week this time at Madison Square Garden where the Knicks are 8-0 so far this season.

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