Can the Mets cash in on Dickey’s Cy Young season?

RA Dickey The drama has been played out in the public, it’s been the talk of sports radio,ESPN and print media and it is reaching the point of where do both parties go from here? The Mets are happy for everything that R.A. Dickey has done for them for the past 3 seasons. R.A. Dickey is happy that the Mets took a chance on him when no one else would. Knuckleballers aren’t as sexy an attraction as 95-100mph fastballers that bring the heat, even if they get rocked from time to time. Yet it was the knuckleballer who walked off with the prize as the National League’s best pitcher.The Mets went into this offseason looking to sign both  David Wright and Dickey. The Mets got it done and signed Wright. Dickey as it turned out was bit more tricky than you would think.Orignally I thought it was a no brainer to sign both to longterm deals. The Mets had to sign Wright, after losing Jose Reyes and getting nothing in return for him they had to do something with David Wright. But R.A.? that took alittle more thought. Again the more I thought about the more I thought the Mets would be crazy not to resign him. But looking at their roster the team strength is the starting pitching. Dickey, Niese, Santana, Harvey, Gee with Wheeler on the way either late 2013 or 2014, strong enough to let Pelfrey walk and no one missing Big Pelf. They have few tradable assets and fewer outfielders especially after both Bay and Torres signed elsewhere. Events in recent days have altered my thinking on the Mets resigning Dickey to an extension. The Mets should trade Dickey and apparently have been thinking along those lines and that is why the contract talks have been slow in coming for R.A. The crazt thought about him being old is nonsense because knucklers can pitch deep into their 40’s , Charlie Hough, Phil and Joe Niekro, Hoyt Whelhem and Tim Wakefield are examples of that fact. The main reason the Mets are looking at trading Dickey is simple, his trade value is high now. They have plenty of holes to fill, Catcher,and the Outfield. If they lose Scott Hairston then add bench to that list. With Greinke signing with the Dodgers, Ryan Dempster with the Red Sox and James Sheilds traded to Kansas City, the pitching market is playing to the Mets advantage. Now they can ask for more for Dickey and know a team can get desperate like the Texas Rangers or maybe since the Angels are throwing money around they can get in on the Dickey sweepstakes. This is the Mets best chance to fill a hole or two with the right kind of trading partner and the right kind of bait and Dickey is the most logical bait. At first I thought the Mets were being cheap and the Sandy Alderson was being slow, but he let the market play it self to the point that now left on the table is Anabel Sanchez and not much else so now the Mets can make a good trade. It’s not because they think Dickey can’t pitch or they don’t like him but it is because he is their best chance this offeseason to get something better to improve this team significantly to have any chance of makinig a run at the division in 2014. So the time is now even Dickey in his comments to Kevin Burkhart, realizes as much as he would like to stay here and see this team be a winner, he could be playing for another team in 2013. They can’t bring back the same team that finished in 2012 back in 2013 without serious upgrades to the outfield and catcher.If they bring Dickey back this will send a bad signal to Met fans that this team will not be competitive in 2013 and the fans will feel incline to stay away. It’s time to give this franchise a shot of adrenline, it’s time to make a deal that will make sense for both now and going forward. Not to take it personal but even Dickey can see how this is playing out.

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2 thoughts on “Can the Mets cash in on Dickey’s Cy Young season?

  1. Dickey wants a no trade contract and thats a major sticking point for the Mets..I wold give him whatever he wants because at least every 5 days I knew the Mets had a chance to win..

    1. Orginally I wanted Dickey back but the roster doesn’t have many players other teams want for the Mets to improve in 2013 and 2014. So either trade a 29 yr 3rd baseman and watch him win else where for the next 5 years and be killed for it or trade a 38 yr old knuckleballer for prospects that are ready now. No brainer.

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