Small Thoughts: Rants and Raves 12-14-12

Rants:NFL for even trying to consider adding another playoff team or two to an already perfect playoff system, and by considering going to a no kick off format, which would rob the fans of the excitement of a breath taking run back that changes the course of a game.

Rants: NHL for cancelling games through to the end of the year. The second work stoppage in 8 years for the league that was already nearly extinct 8 years, now if and when they return who will care? Bettman’s approach of complete and humiliating surrender is nothing short of mind bogging. It’s time to end the madness or else don’t even bother to have the sport.

Rants: Charles Barkley for never thinking before he speaks. Lebron even said Charles needs to shutup. I know it is his role on T.V. to say something controversial but… sometimes you really wonder about Sir Charles. He finally begrudgingly said the New York Knicks are a very good team. Yet he had to get his digs in anyway. So sad.

Rants:To anyone who is looking to shake up the Lakers again. Yes they have under performed, yes maybe they made the wrong call hiring Mike Dantoni. but no Steve Blake, No Steve Nash, Dwight Howard not at full strength yet and what do you expect the team to look like? Yes it is ironic that the Lakers were the model of how to win, and always making all the right moves at the right time, and the New York Knicks were not. Now the roles are the reverse and it will take time for the Lakers to right the ship but it will get done. Don’t panic Laker fans.

Rants:New York Jets, what rant would be complete without a Jet one? The Jets named Sanchez their starter, wow that was news? They had no one else to go to. That winner they have in Tebow can’t get of the bench even when Sanchez is stinking up the joint.  Mc Elroy has had limited snaps and they have a outside chance of making the playoffs, so who were they going to trust out of Sanchez, Tebow and McElroy?

Raves: New York Knicks: after losing to the Brooklyn Nets in overtime a week ago, they bounced back with wins over the  Charlotte Bobcats, Miami Heat, Denver Nuggets, came from behind against the Nets in the return match and pulled out the win with the game winner from former Net…Jason Kidd

Raves: Dodgers and Angels for making the baseball offseason something to talk about. The Dodgers signed Greinke and the Angels signed Josh Hamilton, the buzz in Southern Cal, will be plenty. Expectations will be high. Yet not a peep out of the Yankees and the Mets.

Raves:for the New York Mets for playing the pitching market smartly. Yes I know that sounds weird considering they have been mostly quiet on remaking the team outside of signing David Wright, what is they best trading chip…Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey. With Greinke gone to the Dodgers and Shields to Kansas City and Josh Hamilton to the Angels, the Rangers will be desperate to improve the team especially in the pitching department. Well played Sandy. Now make a deal.

Raves: Josh Hamilton for getting a 5 year deal from the Angels (125Million) when it looked like he would not get more than 3 years and less dollars. Compared to Albert Pujois (10 years 250 million) Hamilton looks like a bargain for half the years and half the money. Scary lineup with Rookie of the year Mike Trout, Albert Pujois and Josh Hamilton.


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