Does Rex Ryan deserve to be brought back as Jets Head coach?

Rex Ryan When Rex Ryan first arrived as the Jets head coach, he was a breath of fresh air. He spoke his mind, was fun and was ready to take on the Patriots not trying to make the Jets another version of the Patriots. The previous coach Eric Mangini, was tight, tight lipped and was choking the air out of the Jets by not allowing for much expression. The press saw him as a Belechick clone without the coaching experience. Ryan was loud brash and fun and for the first time everyone wanted to talk about the fun bunch called the Jets. Players all of a sudden wanted to play for the Jets. They became the team everyone paid attention to. The Jets drafted Mark Sanchez as their franchise quarteback. So a rookie headcoach and rookie quarteback pairing was in the making. For the first time in team history a rookie headcoach and rookie quarterback made it all the way to the AFC championship game. They were the talk of the town. then year two they followed up with a repeat of getting to the championship game again. Now the expectations in year 3 was simple…SuperBowl or bust. Year 3 was just that bust finishing 8-8 and not making the playoffs.Now in year 4 here we are as the circus known as the New York Jets 6-8 staring at not finishing 500 especially after the lastest loss a 14-10 loss against the Titans which saw Mark Sanchez, throw 4 interceptions and a fumble the final of which sealed the win for the Titans and doomed the Jets for not making the playoffs for a second year in a row. This is a franchise in crisis mode now. This offseason screams of change everywhere on this team. The Quarterback position, the Offensive coordinator position, the quarterback coach, the General manager and maybe the head coach. We all know the Tebow era(error) was over long before it started. So expect Tebow to ask the Jets to find him a new team to go to, or release him outright. They wont even get what they paid to get him a 4th round pick so releasing him might be all they can do there. Sanchez is more complicated because they gave him an extension at the time of the Tebow deal so it becomes a cap hit unless they can rework his contract to make him available in trade. After his recent place and now benching there is now way they can bring him back as a starter next season, so expect him to be gone too. They need to up grade their receiving cops big time. Santonio Holmes is recoverying from season ending injury and has no value on the trade market right now so you are stuck with starting the season with him. But they need more. If sanchez is gone do you keep Braylon Edwards? Edwards was Sanchez best and favorite target and was bought back to give Sanchez a chance to relax and play better. But since Sanchez fumbled that last chance away is there a point to bring Edwards back? but the bigger questions involve more than player movement. It involves who should run this team and should Ryan be bought back to coach this team next season. If Woody Johnson decides General Manager Mike Tannebaum is either reassigned to salary cap negotiations, who does Woody bring in as the general manager? Will the incoming GM want Ryan as his coach? Part of me has always thought it is best to do a clean slate and start over, but as I mentioned to a friend, The Pittsburgh Steelers since 1970 had only 3 men to coach their team: Chuck Knoll, Bill Cowher and now Mike Tomlin. That is called stability. From top to bottom. Not every season has won them a Super bowl or been a great or winning season but 3 coaches in 42 years. The Jets have had 16 head coaches in that same span of time. yes I know the circumstances are different in each case but the point is  Should the Jets try to work through this crisis and keep Ryan for stabilty purposes? Player movement is going to happen no matter what. That is life in the NFL and the salary cap. Bringing in anew headcoach means bringing a new approach and starting over again, then taking even more time to get the program off and running. Rex has his weak pints to be sure as head coach but do you really want to start to blow this up yet again?Then wait another 3 or 4 years for the Jets to be back to this point of trying to be 500 or trying to prove they can win with another coach? This franchise is still in search of getting to the SuperBowl since 1969. Many lifetimes ago.To put that in perpective 8 United States presidents have been or currently are in office since the Jets won a Super Bowl. Rex Ryan is the ring master to be sure but considering that his boss didn’t give him much to work with this season especially on offense maybe he will get a pass to get to next season. If I am Jets Owner Woody Johnson I have to take a long look at what is the true priority of this organization. Is it making monney by get a popular player like Tim Tebow to sell PSLs and jerseys or winning? That one falls solely at his feet. Then from that point the tone has to be set to make a true commitment to winning. the offseason will say alot about Woody’s mindset going forward about his commitment to winning.

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One thought on “Does Rex Ryan deserve to be brought back as Jets Head coach?

  1. AsI I’ve said befoe, I believe Ryan will return as Head coaxh for another season. The Jets won, amazingly enough, six games with an injury riddled team, a below average QB, and an inept offensive line. The loss of Revis and Holmes was huge. The distractions were never ending. Six wins were just about as much as you could have hoped for given all this disarray. Sparano needs to be let go and Norn Turner needs to be brought in.
    Tannenbaum will lose his GM position but stay within the organization. Their first priority should be in getting a new starting QB such as Alex Smith or Michael Vick. Their receiving corps and O line need to be tweaked as well.
    Woody has to try & stop winning the back pages of the local papers and start winning games!

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