The Tide drowns the Irish, NHL is back, and Dwight Howard is up to his old bag of magic…

Congratulations are in order to the Alabama Crimson Tide who beat the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the National Title game 42- 14. Maybe I was holding out for hope for the underdog (Notre Dame) but being that I didn’t have a true rooting interest in this game, I was hoping that it was at least going to be a competitive game. It was men vs boys game by the 2 quarter you basically wondered if Notre Dame was going to be shut out. Yes The Crimson Tide was that good. This makes 3 National Titles in 4 years for the Crimson Tide, making them a dynasty and giving Nick Saban 4 National Titles to his coaching resume…(LSU being the 1st title of his career in 2003) so the question is …Is Nick Saban one of the greatest college coaches of all time or one of the college games best recruiters?

To the delight of hardcore Hockey fans everywhere the NHL’s work stoppage is over and the NHL will resume soon. The question is when are the Owners and Gary Bettman going to stop trying to ruin their own product? Bettman had the players accept his deal the last time and figured it work again. He didn’t count on Donald Fehr making him really negotiate. Next time it would help Bettman to do his homework and realize Donald Fehr gets what he wants for the players. He(Fehr) makes sure he gets what his players want and nothing short of that. So now the Owners have the rest of the decade to go lick their wounds and while they are at it count their dollars that they will rake in from the start of thwe NHL season.

Readers it wouldn’t be an NBA season with drama from one of it’s high profile teams …the Los Angeles Lakers and the high profile divas of Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard. It has been reported in Monday’s edition of New York Daily News, that the feud between Kobe and Dwight Howard got even more heated with Howard being restained from going after Kobe. Howard took to ripping the Lakers and Kobe in the press: “Look at the difference between our team and the Clippers, They just play together. They share the ball. Everybody ‘s excited when something happens” Howard comparing the Lakers and the Clippers couldn’t sit good with the Lakers and Kobe but his next statement was more stinging:”(Chemistry) It’s something we have to do to get better,” he said. “We have to play like we like each other. Even if we don’t want to be friends off the court, whatever that may be, when we step in between the lines or we step in the locker room or the gym, we have to respect each other and what we bring to the table.

Everyone’s worst fears in LA came true that Kobe wouldn’t like Dwight Howard and Howard’s playful nature wouldn’t mix with the Assassin’s mentality that Kobe is known for.  Howard isn’t happy in LA and  hasn’t signed an extension with the Lakers so guess what the overall thought is again?… He wants to go to Brooklyn.  Here is the problem with Dwight Howard. Last season he would jump at the cahnce to go to LA and get out of Orlando despite his staement about wanting to stay in Orlando which we all knew was false. He gets to LA and he still isn’t happy and he still is pinning for Brooklyn. But what if he gets his wish at the end of the season and Brooklyn doesn’t turn out to be what he thought then what?  Can Howard be happy anywhere or is he kidding himself?

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3 thoughts on “The Tide drowns the Irish, NHL is back, and Dwight Howard is up to his old bag of magic…

  1. The NHL is very much like Lindsay Lohan’s career , spiraling out of control and going nowhere fast !

    This being the same entity that is still paying NBC Sports to televise its brand and who it took 118 days to decide how best to split a $2.5 billion piece of pie ! Bunch of dumb as$es !

    A feud between Kobe and Howard ? Hopefully , it’ll be nothing the simmering feud/ incident that took place , after Kobe’s mishap in Eagle , Colorado , when he (Bryant) blurted out that Shaq and Rick Fox were also ” laying the wood to chicks” while still being married to their respective spouses at the time ( Shaunie in the case of Shaq & actress Vanessa Williams in the case of Fox) .

    Notre Dame Football this season , completely overrated , much like their record and schedule , as per usual . Who do they really play over the course of the season ? Think about it .

    1. Kobe never wanted Dwight Howard there Nash yes Howard no.But Howard’s attitude has to change this isn’t Orlando and if he thinks Brooklyn is going to be different he;s right it is going to be worse. He will be playiing in the media capital of the world in the Borough that thinks of basketball as the State Religion like they of football in Texas. As for Notre Dame after the Penn State mess College needed at throw back BSC to get people to stick with their product.

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