Small Thoughts: Rants and Raves

Rants: Rex Ryan, who at his season end press conference said he wants his team to be more agressive defensively and be the kind of team that is hard to prepare for. So rex what have you been doing the past four years? Shouldn’t that be what you should have been doing all along? If this was your rookie year as head coach then saying that would make sense, but this is year 4 going into year 5 as headcoach.

Rants: Baseball Writers who voted for no one to enter the Hall of Fame.  This debate continues to wage on and baseball had a full decade to get the answers to this, instead they let the writers punish one and all for even playing in the same decade as the steroid players. Biggest beef with the writers isn’t lettiing Bonds and Clemens in it is the fact Mike Piazza never had it leaked that he failed a drug test or actually took PED but because he played in the same era as Bonds, Mc Gwire, Clemens he was punished for it, the same goes for Jeff Bagewell and Craig Biggio. Some of the writers instead of doing a case to case of each player and their stats went the broad stroke route. What a mess, what a shame.

Rants:Carmelo Anthony for losing his cool and taking himself out of his game when the Knicks played the Celtics earlier this week. Carmelo’s from Brooklyn and we all know trash talking in game always goes on from your sneakers to your jumper or lack there of or yes your momma jokes all to get the good players off their game. So Melo should have known better than falling for that with Kevin Garnett. Then waiting for KG by the Celtics team bus sounds alittle thuggy to me. Next time laugh it off or better yet let the trash talking fuel your fire and spank Kevin Garnett where it counts most …on the court.

Raves: Alabama Crimson Tide for winning the national title for the 3 rd time in 4 years. The Tide were men among boys in the win against Notre Dame.   Not sure any other team would have beaten them on that day either. How long though do you think the whispers of Nick Saban leaving to go back to the NFL will grow to full loud shouts?

Raves:Major league Baseball for now testing for HGH. If you are going to test for PED then do it right. It is a step in the right direction.Now if you can just get the hall of fame fixed .

Raves Rob Chudzinski for being hired as Cleveland Browns new head coach. Why? Because he rooted for the Browns when he was growing up in Toldeo, Ohio, so for him it is a dream come true. he has no head coaching experience but worked as the offensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers the past wto seasons and had a direct hand in the development of Cam Newton as one of the top quarterbacks in the league. So while this hire isn’t going to make the Browns fans dance in the streets it does let you know that in life when one of your dreams come true you start to believe that they all can come true, so congratulations to Rob Chudzinski.

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