Callahan accused of throwing Super Bowl 10 years ago

10 years ago the Oakland Raiders and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers played in the Super Bowl in which the Tampa Bay Bucs beat the Oakland Raiders 48-21. Now after 10 years, members of the Oakland Raiders Tim Brown and Jerry Rice claim that then Oakland Raider head coach Bill Callahan ”sabotaged” the Raiders.Former Raiders receivers Tim Brown and Jerry Rice both said in recent interviews they believe Callahan undermined his own team in the Super Bowl in 2003 because of his close friendship with Tampa Bay coach Jon Gruden by altering the game plan less than two days before Oakland’s 48-21 loss.
”We all called it sabotage, because Callahan and Gruden was good friends, and Callahan had a big problem with the Raiders, hated the Raiders, and only came because Gruden made him come,” Brown said. Here is the problem with both Brown and Rice making these statements.They come 10 years too late and they come at a time when they get the most attention – at the Super Bowl when everyone is watching. If the Raiders had lost 48-45 would Brown and Rice claim sabotage? Seriously this didn’t need to be given the attention now, this takes away from the current players and coaches who are basking in this moment of their careers. Brown had his time and Rice surely had plenty of great moments with the 49ers, no need to kick up dirt on Bill Callahan. If you couldn’t say it then when you suspect it happened don’t say it now. It sounds like sour grapes.

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