Jets open to trading Revis

He is coming off a serious injury, he is looking to redo his deal yet again and the Jets have more holes to fill and have few assets that would help to fill their needs, so… word has leaked out that the Jets are open to trading Darrelle Revis their best player. New GM John Idzik declared his first order of business is to review the Jets’ entire roster and decide who stays, who goes and who they need to come in and be part of the solution. So don’t expect a trade to happen right away. If Idzik decides to trade Revis, it might not be the worst thing to happen for the Jets who have needs on the offensive line, wide receiver, pass rush, runnning back as well as figuring out the quarterback situation. It is one of the few areas the Jets are strong at in the secondary. Cromartie played well in Revis absence. However, to say where ot who would be interested in Revis is premature and as Idzik eluded to in his press conference, he needs some time to decide who fits his plans and who doesn’t. Maybe Revis is still part of the Jets plans in 2013, but if someone does make an offer that could fill their needs or some of those needs they be crazy not to at listen.But the new GM definitely needs to hit a home run if he does decide to trade Revis. If he doesn’t do his due dillegence he could set the franchise back several years if he doesnt get enough back for a talent like Revis. However, that doesn’t mean that the Jets must trade Revis either. First things first, they have to see him on the field to see how well he has recovered from missing the season, and while Woody Johnson maybe nervous about paying 9 million dollars for not playing football while rehabbing, the fact is Darrelle Revis is one of the few Jets and few players in the League that other teams worry about, plan ways to stop him. He is a lockdown corner of the highest order, and simply the best at his position, so the Jets would be giving up a big edge defensively if they decided to trade Revis, which the new GM hasn’t decided to do yet …at least publicly. One more thing too, It might not be his call alone to trade Revis, Woody may have a big say in this, can’t believe Woody wouldn’t be forced to sign off on trading Revis unless he believed he hwas getting something back of equal value as well. As expected Revis and his camp are upset at the mentioning of trade rumors and at this point that is all this is trade rumors. They possibly see this as the Jets going back on their word on redoing Revis contract yet again. Never mind that the Jets have had tough contract talks with Revis over his career with the Jets. So the drama continues to unfold with the New York Jets only now a new character GM John Idzik is added to the cast.

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