Now that the SuperBowl is over…it’s back to business

Sanchez and Tebow
Alex Smith

The biggest game of the NFL season is finally over. The winners are basking in the after glow of their victory while everyone else is now looking to find a way to get that same feeling that the Ravens are having right now. Yes it is back to business NFL style.
The Jets will be looking to move Tim Tebow, maybe Mark Sanchez too. Alex Smith will be moved as well. Those are the ones we already know about.
There are teams looking to improve their rosters, some are looking to move quarterbacks (49ers and the Jets) and others to be sure are looking to see what worked for the 49ers and copy that blueprint and figure out if their roster shapes up the same way. Even though the 49ers lost,there will be teams that will be looking to copy the 49ers. Yes the NFL is a copy cat league. With the success of Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson, other teams not named the Ravens, Patriots,Giants,Denver and Steelers will be looking for that same wave of NFL type quarterbacks that can do what these newer quarterbacks are doing for their teams now.If pocket passers were more successful teams would try to copy that and follow suit, so expect those not so thrilled with their QB’s to go and draft, sign and trade for a quick elusive, mobile quarterback for their very own and hope that they will have the same level of success that Kaepernick, Wilson, Luck, Griffin III have had.

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