Deion Sanders says former players are looking for big pay day … Is he right?

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Everyone is entitled to their opinion, including those who get paid for a living to give their opinion.So yes there is some who feel that Deion Sanders might be a tad out of touch with other former players who are saying that they are worried about what the future holds for them (Rodney Harrison)and out of touch with those who are suing the league for too many hits that have led to all soughts of problems including suicide (Junior Seau).To all of that Deion Sanders said the following:

“The game is a safe game, the equipment is better,” Sanders said on the NFL Network set. “I don’t buy all these guys coming back with these concussions. I’m not buying all that. Half these guys are trying to make money off the deal. That’s real talk. That’s really how it is. I wish they’d be honest and tell the truth because it’s keeping kids away from our game.”

If I recall correctly Sanders was a very good cover corner in his football career but shied away from any physical contact. And wasn’t known to be a hard hitter. In fact it is one of the reason why some may look at his remarks with a raised brow. But is he right that maybe there are some players that are looking for a last big pay day against the NFL. There maybe some who have no money left of the career and for them this is a last dinch effort to get money. Sanders very seldom delivered hard hits so likely he will not suffer the same kind of trauma that many former players deal with after their playing career is over. And he isn’t hurting for money so he has nothing to gain in terms of being part of the lawsuit against the NFL.

One thing in defense of Sanders and of anyone else that feels this way, Playing pro football is a rare opportunity that few will ever get to do, yet they choose to do it. You choose to play pro football knowing the risk , knowing the pain, knowing that after your career which is the shortest of the 4 major sports Baseball, Basketball, Football and Hockey only 3 years will be more pain than most will ever experience. Yet they soldier on to play this very physically demanding at times very violent sport. They accept the risks and the money, now isn’t the time to act up and say it is someone else’d fault for the injuries you have now, especially when you knew this going in to the chosen profession you made your own.

So while it may seem that Deion Sanders was being less than sympathic about the plight of former players, was he so far off base?

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