How do you measure Greatness in a player?

I have come to the conclusion that sports is completely over run by stats. Mostly meaningless stats,some stats are good yes, and we all look at stats to get an idea how good someone is. But is it all there is to measuring greatness in a player? For the purposes of this entry I am going to focus just on LeBron James. But Baseball a stat happy sport if there ever was one has more meaningless stats than one could imagine, but that is another conversation for another day. Recently I heard a broadcaster rave about LeBron James on and on …you get the picture.
Right now LeBron James is playing the best ball in the NBA. There is no disputing that fact.He is playing with efficiency it is scary. Yes we all can admit to that. Yet why, does everyone feel this need that when you talk about LeBron’s streak they site every stat as if the public will be more wowed by the stats? I am not knocking LeBron by no stretch of the imagination. However, the stats on 27 points 7 rebounds 7 assists were as if no one has ever done that before. And this came from someone who has professed to have seen a lot of basketball in their time.Yes I know Magic Johnson wasn’t known as a scorer, but he was a better passer and rebounder. The fawning that goes on when the subject is LeBron is almost ridiculous. The need to recite stats and some stats are almost meaningless when measuring a player’s greatness is getting to the point where I want to scream. If Lebron is averaging 27 points 7 rebounds and 7 assists per game for the entire season then yes give him the MVP. No Problem there. But please don’t say no one has ever done it before with such efficiency when at some point in time some one else has done it before.When watching sports we tend to forget the great ones who have played before, more often than not many of the stats that are recorded now where never kept before so … How do you measure greatness in LeBron, or Kobe Bryant, or Kevin Durant? In a lesser known way how do you measure the greatness of Tim Duncan? Tim Duncan? Yes the lesser known superstar of the San Antonio Spurs.I am not looking to compare numbers between Lebron and Tim Duncan . Two different players used different ways but both are great.So again reader how do you define greatness in a player?

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