Turkoglu Banned 20 games for PED…


— Orlando Magic forward Hedo Turkoglu was suspended 20 games by the NBA on Wednesday after testing positive for steroids.
The NBA said Turkoglu tested positive for methenolone, an anabolic steroid. He began serving the suspension Wednesday night when the Magic hosted the Atlanta Hawks.

”As a player this is the worst situation that you want to be in,” Turkoglu said. ”I’m just sorry to put the organization in this situation. … I should have double-checked and researched and shouldn’t be in this situation.”

”It’s been really nightmare,” Turkoglu said. ”It wasn’t a really good year for me. Now I’m facing this. As a player, you face a lot of injuries. It just comes and goes. But this kind of situation, you don’t want to put yourself in. This is the worst one I’m dealing with now.”

He will be a free agent at the end of the season, General manager Rob Hennigan is non commitial as to whether this will affect Turkoglu remaining with the team beyond this season.”I think we’re going to get through this step. We’ll worry about the summer when the summer comes,” Hennigan said. ”Contracts are what they are. We have to make decisions about a lot of different things in the summer and certainly the Hedo situation will be one of them. But we’re not able to comment now on what the decision will be.”

This is an interesting situation on a few fronts. While not a well known superstar, Turkoglu does shine light on the use of steroids on the NBA something you can be sure David Stern wanted no part of.The question now becomes how wide spread is PED in the NBA? And why is only Baseball and its players called out as cheaters? Does PEDs make that much difference in the performance of an NBA player vs a Major League Player? Is this an isolated case or is this the first of more to come in the NBA?

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13 thoughts on “Turkoglu Banned 20 games for PED…

  1. Another dumb athlete hiding behind an excuse of I didn’t know what my trainer was asking me to ingest ! When will these guys learn ? Turkoglu is not a rookie having been in the NBA for a decade Now we have the idiocy of David Stern said to be taking a wait and see approach to “HGH ” testing , and more of the same idiocy from another league executive who’s anally retentive while being overpaid at $20 million a year ,which would put him among the highest paid players in the NBA were athletically gifted enough to play .

    Is Stern taking lessons from Roger Goodell as to his apparent lack of intelligence ?

    Tophatal ……….. .

  2. There should be a new rule…you get caught and it’s proven you took PEDs you’re out of the sport for one year. Period! That should lessen these idiots from continuing using this crap..

      1. Then the kids need to be tested as well. They get a warning then they’re banned from playing at that school or any other school. I’m just sick & tired of this nonsense Jerry. I have zero tolerance for any sort of enhancements. Be interested in how Melky does this season by the way…

      2. As a fan of Baseball I am sick and tired and tired and sick of this PED Nonsense. I am sick of the attitude that comes with the PED as well. The Bonds, Clemens etc. But to be honest Football players and track stars and yes Basketball Players and Boxers all take PED’s yet only Baseball’s cherished records matter.That’s the reason PEDs get so much playat the major League level.

      3. The kids are not going to get tested, so much stuff goes on behind the scenes with the kids it isn’t funny. As for Melky and Ryan Braun and the rest Melky walked into a goos situation in Toronto he isn’t goiing to be asked to do much. He is going to be a contributor but not a core player. As for Braun …I still think something is up with him why won’t baseball take his MVP award away? They suspect Bagwell and Piazza did steroids and won’t let them in the Hall of Fame and yet this idiot does it gets caught and keeps his MVP???

      4. Not so sure that Toronto just expects Melky to be a ‘core’ player Jerry. I mean they signed him 3 months after he got caught, to a 2-year $16 million contract. Pretty expensive core player.
        As for Piazza & Bagwell, they should go in. And Braun is as guilty as sin and should get down on his knees and thank his maker for getting off on a ‘technicality’ last year.

  3. Braun is being allowed to keep his MVP in case you weren’t aware , because the testing facility failed to follow the league’s protocols in the storing of his samples , hence the reason why the then arbitrator founded for Braun when his case came to arbitration ., The technician in question retained the secondary samples in his home and placed them in a refrigerator for 48 hours .

    Blame that #hit on a dumb @ss such as Selig and the hierarchy , who are all anally retentive along with owners and general managers within the game who fail to speak out on the matter !

    Tophatal …………

    1. I am aware of the techincality. I really believe this is fair to keep players out of the Hall of Fame who didn’t use PED’s but let an idiot like Braun keep his MVP. Bad choice of judgement if you ask me.

  4. Given the continued idiocy of Bud Selig and his lack of understanding of the “rule of law” . What else would you have expected of the MLB hierarchy ? It’s not as if that body is actually made up of intelligent individuals to begin with !

    Why would Selig question the decision of the arbitrator (Shyam Das) in Ryan Braun’s hearing when the fault laid with the stupidity of the testing facility who failed to follow the proper protocols when it came to the safe storage of the player’s test samples ? Baseball is being ran by a bunch of cretins ! The union casts a giant shadow over the game because it wields far too much power !

    If at all interested , critique and let me know what you think of the following ? In order to view merely click unto the link shown below .




    Tophatal ………………

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