Say this about the New York Knicks…

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A game after blowing a 14 point lead against the Miami Heat and losing 99-93 to LeBron and the Heat, the lose their best scorer early get blown out by 22 points and come all the way back without Carmelo Anthony and beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 102-97 in Cleveland. Amare Stoudemire scored 22 points, J.R. Smith added 18. Yes we know Cleveland isn’t in Miami’s class of opponent, but if the Knicks lost this game on the heels of the Miami Heat loss on Sunday…things would look bleak then add losing Carmelo for any stretch of time and well you have the makings of a disaster. Instead what you saw was the Knicks pick themselves up at a point when they needed to most and pick up their best scorer and win a game they needed to and had to win. You always hear fans and media alike say win the games you need or should win… well Knick fans it wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t a big time opponent but it is a win and the Knicks aren’t going to throw it back.
Too many times fans and media alike kill teams for beating the weaker teams and kill them worse when they lose to weaker teams. To both the fans and media, you can’t haven’t both ways. And if you are a Knick fan it seems to be the in thing to do. Listen to sports talk on the Knicks and you would think this was the Stephon Marbury era. Honestly the win against Cleveland show that the Knicks can bounce back after a tough loss and while they didn’t look good doing it and had to finally wake up after being 22 points down, it was a road win, and it showed that the Knicks are one of the top teams in the eastern Conference. No matter how unbeatable Miami is in March the playoffs are what count.Put the Knicks in the right matchup in the first round and they could be facing the Heat in the Eastern Conference finals like in the Ewing vs Mourning days.

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13 thoughts on “Say this about the New York Knicks…

  1. It WAS a good win but it still was the Cavs, a game they should have won with or even without Melo. Same as the Pistons game tonight. It’s gonna get hard enough with the Thunder coming into the Garden on Thursday… And they won’t beat the Thunder by turning over the ball 15 times in the first half like they did against Detroit tonight.

    1. Yes I totally agree with you. I have a feeling they could get blown out against the Thunder. They don’t match up well against them and the Thunder play defense.

      1. Can’t believe Woodson had J.R. taking a 17 footer. You’re down by one…DRIVE THE LANE!!! If you’re fouled you can still tie or go up by one.
        J.R. played a great game but was tired out in the fourth going only 2-9. Let Amare drive it to the hole…He’s been on fire!

      2. I think Woodson might have been thinking that since JR won a couple of games with last second shots this season…why not try it again, not to mention he had a great game if he didn’t go to him in that spot with No Melo, Amare on a 30 minute limit …if he didn’t go to JR in that spot he would have opened himself to being second guess by his own team ….who else was going to take the shot …Kidd? Maybe …Novak …no Felton ?? see what I mean ??

      3. Yes he should have driven but it isn’t like he shot an air ball. It did hit back iron with the chance if he was over a couple of more inches would have been a game winner and Woodson would have looked like Red Auerbach.

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