Why is Lebron James considered the Best player today?

Lebron James

There is no denying that right now LeBron James is playing at the peak of his game. The Heat are along for the ride. 15 wins in a row against the Alist of the NBA, The Clippers,Thunder,Hawks,Bulls,Memphis Grizzles and the New York Knicks. All have fallen to the Heat during this run. The last time the Heat has lost was back on February 2nd against the Indiana Pacers.
That’s alittle more than a month since they lost a game. That’s a run.Lebron is the main reason for that run, he is playing out of his mind right now. This is the Lebron that the Knicks cleared cap space for and was awful for two years to get a shot at talking LeBron James in to coming to New York. This was the same LeBron that the Heat played their cards right and signed him to be. This is the same LeBron that Cleveland had and has yet to replace. During this run i keep asking myself one question “Why is LeBron James considered the best player today?”

The win streak definitely got everyone’s attention but there has to be more to it than that right? Maybe it’s because he finally relaxed after winning his championship and no longer feels he needs to valadate his place in the game? Maybe? Could it be that he and Dwayne Wade reached an understanding on who is the big dog? Maybe. Or is it simply he has matured in the basketball sense and the game now comes to him easily now, he doens’t have to force anything, be anything just play? That sounds about right. this isn’t about stats. This isn’t about how he matches up with Michael Jordan. There are more than a few that have taking that approach and keep waving Jordan’s 6 rings. If it’s about the rings and who has the most …Bill Russell should win that easily with 11 rings. That is dominance. That is what LeBron is doing right now dominating the game like Wilt Chamberlin did , like Oscar Robertson did, like Jerry West did. What ever they wanted to do on a court they did it. Wilt Chamberlin set his mind to leading the league in rebounds…he averaged 25 rebounds for a whole season. Too bad they didn’t keep triple double stats in Oscar Robertson’s day he would have held the record and no one would have touched it at all.
Kobe Bryant has 5 rings 3 came at the assistance of Shaq, he feels the clock slipping away for tying Jordan at 6. And even he has to know that isn’t good enough. For all of Kobe’s skills he isn’t Lebron, he isn’t dominatinig the game like LBJ is right now. Is he the greatest p[layer ever? No there’s along road in front of him before we get to that point but again there is no denying he is playing on a level different than anyone else right now.

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