The Heat down 27 comeback to smoke the Cavaliers

Lebron vs Cavs

Note to the NBA… If you don’t want to Heat to break the all time win streak of 33 games in a row, somebody better get to beating the Heat. The streak is 24 and counting.

Note to the Cleveland Cavaliers… If you are 27 points up on LeBron and the Heat in your building, don’t lose the lead and lose the game.
LeBron James to say the least is Cleveland’s public enemy number one. They could have enojoed a laugh at his expense, with a 27 point lead in the 3rd period, there was no way for the Cavs to lose this game right? Wrong …

With 7:01 remaining in the third quarter, LeBron James split a pair of free throws. From that point until the 3:01 mark of the fourth quarter — 19 minutes of game time — the Heat went on a 55-19 run to take a nine-point lead of their own. Think about that for a minute 55 points in less than a 20 minute span. If you play one quarter and score 30 points that would be considered really good and the time per quarter is 12 minutes, so that shopuld tell you the kind of run the Heat had. The Heat reversed their fortunes in what seemed like an instant, suddenly forcing the Cavs into bad passes, finding their own shooters for wide-open threes, and generally just looking like a team that could create a win, no matter the deficit, simply because they wanted to. It looked like the heat told the Cavs before the game we’ll spot you 27 point lead at any point in the game but you better close us out or else… well or else looked like the Heat smoked the Cavaliers. What’s worse getting blown out by 27 points and lose or have a 27 point lead and lose by 3 points? Part of me says it doesn’t matter a loss is a loss but this one for the Cavs falls under inexcusable, the fact that it came at the hands of LeBron James in Cleveland didn’t go down well with the Cleveland fans at all.

Next up for the Heat are the Detriot Pistons, the streak’s at 24 and counting…

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