SmallThoughts: Rants and Raves


Rants Mike Rice Head coach Rutgers basketball for his abuse toward his players.Why it took so long for Rutgers to finally pull the plug on the out of control coach is beyond logic but if anyone thinks this is a isolated incident think again. And Rice isn’t the only coach in college doing this there are plenty of horror stories at the college level, high school and pop warner football too, of coaches who abuse yell and scream at players all at the intent of psuhing them to their limits and making them the best. But at what cost?

Rants- Auburn players who failed drug test in 2010- according to a report in USA Today At least a dozen members of Auburn’s 2010 championship team tested positive for synthetic marijuana, known popularly as “spice,” and the university decided to keep the results secret, according to an ESPN report.It’s not the crime of the century I know, but this goes back to the heart of everything with College sports, the Universities know more of what goes on their campuses than they share with the public because they wanted to keep this quiet. Maybe this is why coaches feel the need to scream and yell and act they way they do. I’m not saying that it is right but someone explain the madness better.

Rants MLB for putting the Houston Astros in the American League West. They are getting beat up already. Their two loses were back to back shutouts (4-0, 7-0) This could be a long season with the Astros in the same division with the Texas Rangers, Los Angeles Angels and the Oakland A’s. The big 3 in that division are going to fatten up their records on the ‘Stros…what was MLB thinking ???

Raves- Congratulations to the Wichita State Shockers for their upset of the Ohio State Buckeyes (70-66) With the win Wichita State is in the Final four for the first time since 1965. Do they have another upset in them? We will find out.

Raves Carmelo Anthony who had a rough part of the season with injuries. He seems fresh again and ready for the playoffs. This week was possibly his best as a Knick posting 50 points and 40 points in the Knicks wins against the Miami Heat and against the Atlanta Hawks.

Raves This rave is for the Nuggets and Knicks and any other team who had double digit win streaks that were over shadowed by the Miami Heat’s run of 27 in a row.The Knicks have 10 wins in a row and counting and the Denver Nuggets were at 15 wins before having their streak stopped.

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