Why do Baseball Players get our full scorn of rage when it comes to Steroids?

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After reading Richard Sherman’s comments about the NFL’s problem with Adderall, my first reaction was the same as yours…he talks too much and he’s only talking because he got busted for violating the leagues substance abuse policy. Yet, I did re read his comments again and came away with a different thought.
And if you are not sure what his comments were here you go:Richard Sherman thinks that if the NFL can’t beat the league’s Adderall problem, they might as well just allow it.

Sherman says he thinks half the league takes the ADHD medication, which is illegal to take without a prescription.

“About half the league takes it, and the league has to allow it,” Sherman told the Vancouver Sun. “The league made a mistake in my case. Obviously, I didn’t do anything, but you have to go through a process to prove you didn’t do anything. There are still naysayers out there who don’t believe me. But I accept it. If everybody loves you, it probably means you’re not much of a player.”

I realized it was reaction that became the issue to me, more than the actual article. If this was a baseball player saying what Richard Sherman said my reaction , maybe your reaction would be different. The list is endless of athletes who have or that still use steroids, many are famous some not so famous. Some are hig school athletes, college athletes and not all play Baseball, Basketball or Football, many are track and field athletes, others are tennis players or golfers, hockey players, boxers, wrestlers and weightlifters. Of the list that I mentioned only Baseball players get the full brunt of our righteous indignation, only Baseball players get outed to the put that we want to deny them their place in the Hall of Fame, we openly debate it, from Sports Talk to News Paper columns to blogs like this one, we all want a piece of that players hind. How dare they cheat on our beloved pasttime? Baseball players get hauled before Congress and get exposed as frauds and cheaters. Yet Football players yes the very ones we root for every Sunday get suspensed 4 games for violating the League’s susbstance abuse policy and no one gets upset, no one has a list of Football players who are on steroids. But what do you think many of the Football players are most likely suspended for? Steroid use. No calls Sports Talk radio or writes columns or blogs scream to hig heaven to have these players run from the sport or deny them entry into the Football Hall of Fame. Why is that? Why is it only Baseball players feel the full scorn of the fans wrath when it comes to steroids and the athletes in other sports barely get a sniff of anger tossed their way.
And while we are on the subject while Lance Armstrong deserves his place in the Hall of shame so does all the other cyclist that also took steroids to gain a edge and couldn’t beat Armstrong. He was the best of a cheating lot. All of them deserve to be scorned too, they ratted him out not because they were clean, but because they were dirty and he beat them dirty too, way too many times for their liking hence they brought Armstrong down.
We fans are angry at Alex Rodriquez, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and all the players that took steroids and for breaking records under the influence of steroids, however on Sundays we cheer quarterbacks, wide receivers, running backs, offensive line men defensive players and they break records we didn’t even knw existed and many of them use steroids and we look the other way. Why? WWE had a steroid scandal some years back in which some of the sport’s biggest and best were exposed as steroid cheats and they play to packed houses all year the biggest event of the year Wrestlmania breaks records at the box office and on Pay per view and no one gets upset …Why?
Let’s don’t leave out Boxing and Hockey and I am sure Golf as well.

Can you go to a Boxing match and tell me which fighter is taking steroids? How about going to a Hockey game can you pick out the player or players who are on the juice? Can you tell by the swing if a Golfer is using Steroids? If the answer is no then explain how we all know which Baseball players are and aren’t using steroids? Again I am not saying that Baseball players haven’t deserve our rage and fury when it comes to steroids, they certainly do, however they are not the only ones that deserve our full rgae and fury. If you andI were at a Knicks or Lakers game could point out which players are taking HGH? How about this? Go to a High School Football game, a LaCrosse game or State Championship basketball game in your home State and keep score of the players you even suspect of using steroids. Could you do that accurately? I am not sure I can to be honest.
My point in all of this is that we need to understand we live a in drug infested world and yet we are picky about who deserves our full scorn when our athletes are exposed as cheaters. Baseball players deserve to be scorned but they are not the only ones that deserve it. All athletes that use performance enhancing drugs in any and all sports should feel what those Baseball players feel from us the fans…rage and fury hauled in fromnt of Congress and denied entry to be rooted for.

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