Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

Rants- New York Jets– From everything I have heard and read new General Manager John Idzik is a real smart guy. So how come Tim Tebow is still on the roster and around the team? And why is taking so long for him to state the obvious…they are trading Darelle Revis to Tampa Bay?…

Rants- Lawrence Franks, you honestly asked for an extention after you finished 29-53? After two seasions on the job Franks was fired. Moral of the story unless you go 53-29 don’t go asking for an extension after you and your team stunk it up this season. By the way how does Joe Dumars gets to keep his job after firing Lawrence Frank? That is 7 coaches in his time as the man in charge of the Pistons. So when does Dumars get it right?
Including Frank Dumars has hired the following coaches Larry Brown, Flip Saunders, Michael Curry, John Kuester, George Irvine and Rick Carlisle. Maybe it’s me but maybe the problem with the Pistons isn’t the coaches …maybe it the person hiring them.

Rants-Byron Scott and the Cleveland Cavaliers– 3 years and not one winning season will do that to a coach, but especially a coach who goes to a franchise that just lost it best player (LeBron James) in it’s history as a free agent to the Miami Heat. I understand you want to believe you can rebound from that, but 3 years later and still look and play as bad as ever? Yes they have Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson but not much else. It’s going to take more than a coach to turn this around, need the horses to win. And speaking of winning the last time Byron Scott won anything was…when he was coaching the Nets and he had Jason Kidd on the team.

Raves – Los Angeles Lakers for making the playoffs. We all know what they have been through this season from Mike Brown getting fired to Kobe getting injured it’s been a never ending drama, but at least they are in the playoffs. Can you imagine how crazy things would have been in LA if the Clippers made the playoffs and the Lakers didn’t make it?

Raves- New York Knicks for finishing with their best record since the 1994 season. For their efforts they get the feisty pain in the neck Boston Celtics. Hope Melo has his earplugs to block out Kevin Garnett’s trash talking. The pick here is the Knicks in 6 games too much Carmelo, and JR Smith with win one game by himself.

Raves_ Rutgers University for getting it right this time in hiring Eddie Jordan as they new headcoach. At least you know with Eddie Jordan he has roots there, having played at Rutgers and won’t be abusive toward the players.Word is he will get a 5 year deal to coach there…nice!

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4 thoughts on “Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

    1. Thank you. I appreciate your feedback. Rants and Raves is a weekly features that I post every Friday. Usually I do of each unless there is something really going on, normally three rants three raves and the rest as they say is history.

      1. Yikes – what is it they say about great minds? I’m doing something similar on my blog. Every Friday my “guest blogger” will feature a dumbest criminal post. So make sure you tune in this Friday!

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