Andrew Bynum a dancing fool


It’s hard enough to dace when you have one kneee that hurts all the time, try dancing with two knees? Now just remember that you are also an athlete that earns a living on those said knees and that you haven’t played a minute of NBA action at all this season for your team. Ooops you also are going to be a free agent once the playoffs are over. You already have angered your so to be former bosses with excuses on why you haven’t played a minute of basketball, now you go out of your way to be video taped dancing a,flamenco dancing in Spain. But if you are Andrew Bynum you don’t give it a second thought. I wonder what GM’s around the league are thinking right about now about this…If you go to Ball Don’t Lie, on Yahoo sports you will see exactly what I am talking about. It makes you wonder…

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61 thoughts on “Andrew Bynum a dancing fool

    1. Just what perspective teams want to see from a guy who didn’t play a minute of Basketball but bowled and danced his way to a paycheck…nice

      1. well well look who’s up?? LOL there is a theory in sports it’s called the one dumb owner. There will be one dumb owner who will pay to have this player on his team and pay dearly for him

      2. yes but that is sports. And these are billionares that made their fortunes in the business world . they are smart there and dumb here.

      3. As bad as Andrew Bynum stole money this year there are players who have done that and more. Iused to want to be a Baseball player so bad when I grew up that I wonder if I would have been any different than these players now.

      4. if you went to your email address and it shows you have comments from ….then I think it shows the email address in there somewhere

      5. I’m not sure if I am going to put in Rants and Raves. It’s a stand alone piece. This crosses over from sports to real life

      6. I think I did some thing already on it but I am sure there is more I could write on it . I do want to read the sports illustrated on his story

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