Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

Rants- New York Jets– New GM same madness. 6 Quarterbacks and you honestly believe it is a open competition? Really?? Ok let’s do the math Matt Simms isn’t going to be on the team if he is your starter you’re in big trouble. Greg McElroy had his chance and blew it. 2 down four to go…They finally cut Tebow nuff said on that 3 down 3 to go. They want to get rid of Sanchez but can’t too big of a cap hit or he would be gone already. So he is on the roster and this talk of Geno Smith starting ummm …no not happening this season. He needs time behind a veteran and one not named Sanchez. 5 down and one left. David Gerrard. He will be the starter Sanchez the back up and Geno will learn this season about how to be a pro NFL QB, Next season Sanchez will be gone and then Geno might move up to starter , but you are not going to start him now, if he bombs now you set him and the franchise back yet again.

Rants -Geno Smith-since we are on the Jets we might as well go there as well. The pouting about not getting drafted in the first round was bad enough, but he had to be talked into coming back for the second round and the fact that he fired his agent for all reason because he wasn’t the first pick of the draft. Really?Geno Seriously??? Have to hand it to him he fits right in with the New York Divas,um Jets.

Rants-Andrew Bynum it’s bad enough you stole money by claiming to be hurt all season but then you are video taped dancing??? Really? Seriously?? If you were working on a real job and was out on disability and your employer caught you doing that …You wouldn’t be employed long.

Raves- Brooklyn Nets– Down 3 games to 1 they even the series to force a game 7 in Brooklyn. This series is a series based on wills, who will survive. The Bulls have a depleted squad either players are hurt or sick or both. Yet they give it all. This is the team I said from the beginning no one wants to play in the playoffs now you know why.

Raves- Boston Celtics– I know I know I am a Knick fan and already I am having stomach pains about this series. JR Smith became John Starks when Starks ran down court and headbutted Reggie Miller. My hope is the Knicks end this asap. Down 3-0 Doc Rivers rallied the throops and get them to do what they do best and that’s get chippy and in the Knicks face and mess with Melo.

Raves-Golden State Warriors for getting out the first round against a very game Denver Nuggets team that tested Mark Jackson’s patience and the Warriors will to win. Next up for the Warriors …the San Antonio Spurs ouch!

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4 thoughts on “Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

    1. Yes they did give a good scare but I will be honest I wasn’t worried I did say they would win last night. As for the Pacers that I’m not so sure about. They have young legs and they gave the Knicks problems …

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