Head coaching vaccanies in the NBA yet No one hired Patrick Ewing as Headcoach …why?

Ewing schooling Howard
Ewing the Knick

The Sacramento Kings had a opening,the Hawks had a opening,the Bucks and even the BobCats had a opening and no one hired one of the best players of his time in the NBA …Patrick Ewing.The former Knicks franchise center has worked on the Washington Wizards’ coaching staff, the Houston Rockets’ coaching staff and the Orlando Magic coaching staff since he retired from basketball in 2002. But he hasn’t been given a shot to run his own team from the sidelines.

Ewing has been passed over for countless jobs and rarely interviewed. With current positions open with the Brooklyn Nets, Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns, Detroit Pistons and, he hopes his phone will start ringing off the hook with calls from potential employers. Unfortunately for Ewing, it’s been silent.The excuse that he didn’t want to coach in the D-League doesn’t wash either.Neither Larry Bird, Kevin Mc Hale or Isaiah Thomas coached in the D-League and were given opportunities.In fact Ewing’s buddy Michael Jordan reached in college to hire Mike Dunlap and we all know how that turned out.

“It’s just disappointing, but I’m just hoping and waiting somebody gives me a look,” Ewing told CSNNW.com. “I just need an opportunity. All it takes is one team.

“Look at [Chicago Bulls head coach] Tom Thibodeau, he’s a great coach who coached me in New York and I spent time with him when we were assistants in Houston. It took him a long time before somebody finally gave him a chance. When he got it, he took full advantage of it. I’m hoping somebody in the NBA gives me a chance so I can show what I am capable of doing.”

This isn’t the first time that we asked this question openly as to why Ewing has never been given a shot a coaching his own team. He has put in time coaching big men, so it isn’t as if he has no coaching experience.One thing that may work against him is,the NBA is a league of connections many of the current hires are connections through Front office people who worked together before in other places in other roles and of course when they get a chance to hire they hire who they know …That is not to say that Ewing doesn’t know anyone, yet he gets passed over.Here is hoping that someone will eventually give Ewing the chance to show what he can do as a head coach.It was mentioned else where that if the Brooklyn Nets really wanted to stick it to the New York Knicks …hire Patrick Ewing as head coach …hmmm that could have some crazy story lines if that were to happen. What do you think readers?

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7 thoughts on “Head coaching vaccanies in the NBA yet No one hired Patrick Ewing as Headcoach …why?

    1. What amazes me is that he has been retired for nearly ten years and no job offers how long does he have to wait? Yet mark jackson got a job and didn’t coach anyway…go figure

      1. First of all, historically, centers just do not get many coaching opportunities-point guards do. They are after all the ‘floor generals’ out there.
        Secondly, Jackson spent a lot of time on TV working on games and putting his face out there. the only time you see Patrick is when he goes to the Garden for Knick games…
        Sad. The ‘Big Guy’ deserves a break..

      2. Paul Silas, Kevin Mc Hale strangely enough got hired more than once plus it didn’t hurt that they wore Celtic green either

      3. I didn’t say that big guys never coach, just that the majority are not centers..and it definitely didn’t hurt Silas & McHale coming from the Celtics.

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