Was 2012 the last time we will see ARod in Yankee Pinstripes?

Alex RodriquezARod

Get a good long look at these pictures, these might be the last you see of Alex Rodriquez in a Yankee uniform if the Yankees have their way. And according to some players, it will be the last you of Alex Rodriquez wearing a major league uniform ever again. For a player like ARod who worries about how he is perceived or worries about his legacy in the game, he rampages through like a bull in a china shop destroying everything in his path. If you have been following ARod’s career then you know he has a habit of being his own worse enemy. He claimed he never did steroid even after Jose Canceso called him out years ago and said ARod was doing it back when he was with the Rangers. ARod denied then. Even went on Tv looked into the camera and said he never took steroids. Case closed right? With ARod not so simple.

The whisper grew louder that ARod was among the many stars of Baseball to do steroids. Only when he had no other choice did ARod finally come clean, not all the way but at least he did admit to doing steroid during his time with the Texas Rangers because he felt the pressure to live up to that big contract he signed with the Rangers in 2001(110 yr-250 million)he said he only did it there. Then off cousre his time with the Yankees was more of the same. So much so they nicknamed him Lightning Rod. His personal life came up the microscope, he didn’t shy away from having his picture taken and he even beat the Yankees in a game of chicken and got them to bid against themselves in resign him to a crazy 10 year 275 million dollar contract that to this very day the Yankees wished they never had done in the first place. They wanted to make money off the fact that ARod was primed to be the next all time homerun leader and everything was set in motion to cash in on that. Then came the steroid admission and baseball wanted to suspend ARod. Then the subject came up as to how many of his homeruns are tainted because of steroids, how do we even know that he still isn’t doing steroid it was widely asked.

Then it was his hitting or lack there of in the postseason or perceived last of hitting. Then the injury bug hit ARod, one hip at a time. 2012 postseason saw him get pinch hitted for twice.For a player of his ego this was a major blow. He was benched in the same series as well. The offeseason was more speculation as to if anyone would be willing to take ARod off the Yankees hands …and then there was a brief thought of the Miami Marlins and it wa s brief as the Marlins were shedding players of their own. Arod had one bad hip then the other now required surgery, it was widely believe with the surgery and the recovery time he wouldn’t be back until July, maybe. Now with the latest story about him and Tony Bosch and PED and the fact MLB believes it has the goods on ARod 2013 is done for him. At 37 comiing off two hip surgeries an ineffective playoff series in 2012 with being pinch hit for and benched it looks like we could have seen the last of Alex Rodriquez in a baseball uniform. But he won’t go quietly into the night. It is siad he is going to fight his possible suspension and will fight the Yankees if they try to get out from under his contract using the PED scandal as an excuse.

Unless ARod decides to walk away from 115 million dollars left on the table, the Yankees are stuck with him and his contract. Hope as they will, maybe ARod will retire because of his hips and the Yankees can cash the insurance on him. For the time beiing don’t count on it. ARod is going to get every dime he can out of his contract and even if it makes him look bad and greedy, he is going to get paid. It is what he has done best in his baseball career making sure he gets paid. Baseball and the players are said to be angry at ARod, his act has worn thin. If he still was able to produce big numbers, he would still get another chance to come back from all this. Ryan Braun for all his lying about being clear turned up to be dirty too but he is going to be afforded another opportunity simply because he is still producing big numbers.And he is still young in the prime of his career unlike ARod who is now at the back end of his. Let’s face it Baseball is a results driven business, you produce you stay, you don’t your gone. It’s time for ARod to be just that …gone.

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