Artis Gilmore the Subtle Giant

Often in this space you have heard me wax poetic about the ABA(American Basketball Association). The stars of the league Dr. J, David Thompson, Moses Malone and many more. Among them was a player named Artis Gilmore. While he was postized often by Dr.J, make no bones about it the seven foot 2 Gilmore was a presence. Check the Gilmore highlights …by the way he is in the Basketball Hall of fame.

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4 thoughts on “Artis Gilmore the Subtle Giant

    1. Ah yes the fro… couldn’t play in the ABA without the Fro…Bro.

      I try to bring alittle old school back to the sports page. Especially when it comes to basketball. So many people the NBA invented the 3 point shot when they didn’t everyone thinks the dunk contest started in the Michael Jordan era, when in fact the ABA did it in 1976 and no one dunked in the NBA until the ABA featured dunking as opposed to off the glass layups.

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