NCAA rules on Oregon: No bowl ban, scholarship reduction, show-cause penalty for Chip Kelly


The NCAA released its findings in its investigation of Oregon’s football program and recruiter Willie Lyles, and the damage for the Ducks is relatively minor.

Most important, Oregon did not receive any bowl ban, meaning one of the preseason favorites for the national championship will be allowed to compete in the postseason. There are minor scholarship reductions (one over each of the next two seasons), a reduction in the number of official visits allowed through 2015, probation through June 25, 2016 and a ban on using recruiting services. Considering some of the predictions of a mighty NCAA hammer falling on Eugene, Duck fans are pleased.

The NCAA also issued an 18-month show-cause penalty on former Oregon head coach Chip Kelly, who is now with the Philadelphia Eagles. This means that it would be difficult for another college program to hire Kelly until after Dec. 26, 2014, which I’m sure is really bothersome to Kelly and his $32.5 million NFL contract.

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