Dwight Howard not likely to return to the Lakers

Dwight howard Press conference

Let me know if you heard this before. I can’t decide if I want to stay or go… I would love to play in Chicago, I would love to play in Boston, I would love to play in Brooklyn, I would love to play in Atlanta my home town, I would love to play…Yes I can’t make up my mind where I want to play but I don’t want to play for the Lakers… well not really but only if it can be my team like I had in Orlando.. but I will let you know my decision by July 10th …I think. I am not sure if I want to play for one of the premier franchises in all of sports, and be part of the legacy of great big men to don the gold and purple of the Lakers from George Mikan to Wilt Chamberlin to Kareem to Shaq. I tried it for one year and hated it first coach that was there didn’t last 5 games into the season and was fired, then instead of bring back the Zen Master they brought in a coach who was a bust in New York, then He expected us to play within his system …the nerve, then it got worse from there. We had to play out of our minds just to make the playoffs only to get booted after the first round. I could have stayed in Orlando and done that. I came here to be a Champion not a chump, now they put a billboard up asking me to stay, more nerve. I am so done I am going somewhere to be the man like I was in Orlando. Maybe Dallas would work … but they have a aging roster been there done that, maybe …Atlanta ..nice but Josh Smith could be leaving then I would be by myself so where should I go? I could stay in LA and maybe play for the Clippers and really stick it to the Lakers.

If you heard this all before then guess what? Be prepared to hear it again. It appears that Dwight Howard is not likely to return to the Lakers. But as we all know he has a knack for changing his mind.The Lakers want him back, they made that very clear. But does he want to come back? If he does leave, it isn’t going out on a limb here thinking that he could and should land in Houston and team up with James Harden. They have been monitoring the Howard situation for the last two years and have cleared cap space with him in mind and tried openly to get him before his trade to the Lakers. So there is interest in Howard there. If he is serious about moving on that might be the best place for him to be going forward. With the Nets getting Pierce and Garnett that door is closed to D12. Unless he does an about face about Mike Dantoni or Dantoni changes his philosophy and fits the system to the players that door will be closing as well. Dallas wants a star they went hard after Deron Williams last year until Mark Cuban blew off a contract meeting with Williams which ended up tipping the scales in the Nets favor.

So the Mavs will make a big push, but what do they have to really offer Dwight Howard? not much the roster other than Dirk isn’t going to make him excited. Houston on the other hand has Harden in the prime of his career, and solid, decent point guard in Jeremy Lin and solid coach that knows how to work with the players in Kevin Mc Hale and they have cap space to sigh Howard to what he wants and their interest in him is legit. The issue here with Dwight Howard is that he claims he needs time to think about whether he wants to stay. He was there for a full season, he knows the landscape and knows what awaits him if he returns.
I don’t think he wants to return unless the Lakers get rid of Dantoni and bring in another coach(Van Gundy, Jeff) or Dantoni changes his system to feature Dwight more, with Kobe on the roster not going to happen. So yes Dwight TNT we know drama will continue to bemuse and act confused and will do little to defuse the situation until he has no other option to state where he is playing next season.

The thought here is Dwight Howard will leave LA and end up in Houston.

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      1. I am glad to know that my writing can be noticed. You never know if anyone is liking what you write. This is a good boost of confidence for me. Thank you.

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