Andrew Bynum not working out for teams…

Andrew Bynum

For someone who missed all of last season and was in his walk year, you would think Andrew Bynum would be eager to show perpective teams, how healthy he is.After all big money is at stake. Yet Bynum has let teams know that he isn’t working out for anyone. Ironically it might be to his benefit to let teams see how healthy he is because he could end up being the big winner in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes. Once Howard is off the boards Bynum becomes the next talented big man that teams will be interested in. If teams can be interested in often injured Greg Olden who hasn’t played in over 3 years, then there is a market for Bynum. Will he get as much as he believes he should? most likely not, but that depends on how desperate teams that lose out in signing Dwight Howard get. It is possible that Bynum could land back with the Lakers if they can’t resign Dwight Howard. Would Dallas get crazy and make a outrangerous offer to Bynum? Anything is possible. It is not like there alot of big men to go around. It is possible that this is his strategy to see where Howard winds up and then cash in. As crazy as it sounds it could pay off if someone is desperate enough to play along with Bynum.

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