Dwight Howard asked the Rockets about adding another max player

Dwight Howard

The Houston Rockets have done their heavy lifting reshaping their roster to be in this position to make a run a the premier big man in the league.
He apparently loves the attention from them. So what’s the problem? They explained how they were building this team around his skills, around him, they envision seeing them and him winning multiple championships together. They made their pitch. So Dwight do you have any questions? …Yes, could you add another max player? I’m not sure what the reaction was in the room when asked but the reaction here is simple…are you kidding me? Seriously? You don’t get it do you Dwight Howard?
They moved heaven and earth to make this team appealing just for you. They pulled out the red carpet for you, and you ask them to gut the roster some more to add another max player? They already have one in James Harden, assuming you make up your mind and actually sign with them that makes two, who did you have in mind to make three? By the way you had a similar set in LA this past season and that didn’t work for you, so why would you put yourself through that again? The fact that you had to ask that shows how little you pay attention to the details of how the cap system in the NBA works. Some one in order to do three max contracts will have to take less money(Like LeBron did in Miami) so Dwight are you willing to take less to add another max player? Houston apparently wasn’t too put off by the request because they are still interested but maybe just a word to the wise, it might not be a good thing to ask that going forward.

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5 thoughts on “Dwight Howard asked the Rockets about adding another max player

  1. Honestly Jerry, I was sick & tired about listening to all the drama surrounding Dwight Howard when he was about ready to dump on Orlando and now it’s all come full circle because there is something about this guy in the news every single day.
    And I’m sorry, but if the city you already play in has to resort to begging to have you return then something is wrong!

      1. what I do get is it isn’t like Kobe hasn’t won a ring like with the Knicks with Bernard or Patrick so I don’t quite get the desparation

      2. The owners and the franchise want to milk all they can out of the last few years that Kobe will be a viable contributor. They are trying to continue to make the Lakers relevant and without Howard, let’s face it, Kobe and Pau aren’t winning any rings w/o Howard.
        Rings mean revenue so i get it. I just hate to see a professional team beg for a player to stay with their club. It’s almost degrading..

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