Is Andre Iguodala California Dreaming?

Andre Igoudala

According to one published report Andre Iguodala has a received a offer from the Sacramento Kings for 4 years 56 million. Why so much much money for a franchise that had to fight to stay in Califorinia when it appeared they were heading to the great northwest? The expression it isn’t what you know it is who you know comes in to play here.

Kings general manager Pete D’Alessandro recently left the Nuggets front office to become Sacramento’s top executive and he’s pushing hard to convince Iguodala to be a cornerstone for the franchise.

Where did Iguodala play last season? Denver. So it will come down to money yes but also how much of a connetcion is there for the player for the former Nuggets executive. If Iguodala is serious about going somewhere to win now, the Kings offer might not work, if the Kings can convince him that they are not far off and add another player he might be incline to sign.

Iguodala averaged 13 points, 5.3 rebounds and 5.4 assists a game for the Nuggets a year ago. He had spent the first seven years of his career in Philadelphia.

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