Kings pull their offer to Andre Iguodala

In the world of free agency things change quickly, one minute a player and a team appear to agree then someone has a change of heart. It appears that way with Andre Iguodala. He was offered a 4 year 56 million dollar deal by the Kings. The Kings are in full rebuilding mode. The Kings front office is headed by Pete D’Alessandro who just recently left the Nuggets so he is aware of Iguodala and wanted him to play for his new team. But Iguodala had second thoughts about playing for a rebuilding team and when the Nuggets wouldn’t match the Kings offer, Iguodala basically said let me get back to you and then the Kings reply was don’t and pulled the offer. Now Iguodala and the Nuggets are lookiing at renewing conversations about a new contract.

The one thought through this is while Andre Iguodala is a nice player he isn’t a franchise player on a bad team. He isn’t going to change the team by himself. It’s hard to see him being the lone face of your franchise at 14 million a year and getting 13-15 points per game. Yet the Kings were prepared to do just that. The nuggets if they resign him are the winners in this one, they played the market right with Iguodala. Again very good player, love to have him on my team too but he is one piece of other pieces to put together.

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2 thoughts on “Kings pull their offer to Andre Iguodala

  1. This is what happens when you have a franchise desperate to get fans into the seats. Apparently, Jimmer Fredette doesn’t draw the crowds they were hoping for.

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