Baseball has the market cornered when it comes to Steroids…or do they?

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For the past week and a half Baseball has been front and center on the sports landscape. The All star game at Citifield, the changing of the guard of Matt Harvey starting for the National League and the last relief appearence of Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees, the emergence of the Pittsburgh Pirates these are all feel good stories for baseball fans across the country. Yet the time since the all star game has been all about steroids and Ryan Braun and ARod. So this leads you to think that Baseball has a major problem with steroids and that it has the market cornered when it comes to steroids.

Not so fast, this past week …Von Miller of the NFL Denver Broncos was suspended for violationof the Leagues substance abuse policy. How many of you caught that? Did it spark rage and fury in you? Did you make you run to your tv set to find out the reviting details? Did you go to the store and pick up your local newspaper and read up on all the details? Did you go on line and read about it? Most likely not. Yet steroids are just as much the issue in the NFL as in Major League Baseball, just with out all the noise all the rage, all the fury. Even analyst on ESPN notcied it and couldn not answer the question as to why is there so much noise when it comes to steroids in Baseball and not so much noise in Football. Actually the one answer someone came up with was fans are more tolerant with football players because of the physical nature of the game. Then it was suggested that it could be simply Baseball cherishes it hallowed records and want the records broken cleanly.

Back in April I wrote a piece on Why do baseball Players get out full scorn of rage when it comes to steroids? The thought was simple, can we really tell who is and who isn’t on steroids, not just in baseball but in all sports? Could you go to boxing match and say which boxers are or are not on steroids? Or could you go to a Hockey game and do the same? The problem is that steroids are in all sports not just baseball. The only difference is that we know about because … it is leaked often. Honetly would you and I know anything about Ryan Braun if it wasn’t leaked? No.

Just a thought of all the major sports baseball is the highest paid which just on that alone draws the larger share of attention. Albert Pujois, Josh Hamilton, Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun and now Dustin Pedoria are among it’s highest paid stars. Their contracts are guaranteed, the NFL’s are not.
Baseball is also the longest sport season wityh 162 games and 2 levels of playoff games before the world series. But it is also about it’s history it’s hallowed history, Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Joe Dimaggio, Ted Williams, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Bob Gibson it’s about the 56 game hitting streak, it is about being the all time hits leader, baseball is about winning the CY Young, the MVP, the triple crown, hitting 4oo for the season. It is also about the all time homer run record. All of those records were set by players who were clean, players that didn’t use anything to give themselves an unfair advantage. 1994 changed all of that. The players and the owners saw to it. It is at that point they were not just any sport, they were the attention grabbing sport with their bigger than life players who could play video game type play and play like a video game.

Face it baseball has brought all the attention to themselves and they have no one to blame for it. Yet they don’t have the market corner when it comes to steroids, the cycling world was rocked with the Lance Armstrong scandal, as mentioned the NFL suspends players for doing steroids but no one gets worked up, boxers have had their purses held because of failing a drug test involving steroids, how much would you like to wager that it goes on in Hockey at the NHL level? or in Tennis or dare we say in Golf? The fans in Baseball treasure the records maybe more than any other sport. No one else knows the records in any sport like fans do in baseball. Maybe because the bar was set high and it was at a time when no one knew anything about steroids so the asumption is that the records and the players should be clean. Maybe it is because it’s stars are the liars and cheaters. Maybe if the NFL high profile players were busted (Think of Drew Brees, Tom Brady, or Aaron Rodgers) or if say Joe Montana came out and said he used steroids during his career… What kind of response would the players get from the fans?

If a lineman or defensive player gets busted now it is shugged and move on to the next news story but if a marginal baseball player gets busted it becomes …big news stop the presses!
Point is Baseball doesn’t have the market corner on the steroids…it’s just louder and more attention grabbing about the dirt that goes on.

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