ARod facing suspension through 2014 if he accepts deal


Baseball’s favorite whipping child Alex Rodriquez is facing a year long suspension if he accepts a deal if not he faces a lifetime ban. Ouch. It’s kind of like saying do you want to get shot in the leg or in the foot either way it hurts, so pick which one you want to be hurt at.
The issue at stake is whether or not baseball has the right to suspend him more than 50 games. He has not fail a drug test, however MLB has already set a standard in the Ryan Braun case, even though it was his offical first offense he was suspended for 65 games even though the agreement with the players union and MLB calls for 50 games. The Union didn’t challange the suspension of Ryan Braun. It seems as if Alex Rodriquez could be fighting his suspension all by himself and his legal team.

MLB has gone to great lengths to leak out to the media and anyone who will listen that they have more incriminating evidence on ARod than they did on Ryan Braun. Expect ARod to challenege that to MLB. Even if he knows he is wrong, and guilty of steroid use, he is going to fight this tooth and nail. Why?I have heard even reason but one, and it is the one reason I stated before…EGO!

It is the same ego that drives Alex Rodriquez to be a great player, it is the same Ego that had him on pace to possibly hit 800 homer runs in his career, it is the same ego that drove him to steroids in the first place believing that he would not get caught, and if he did get caught that MLB couldn’t prove any of what they had on him. He loves the attention he gets, he loves his status in baseball. He loves his celebrity, the hollywood women he has dated, he isn’t going to let all of that go quietly into the night at this point of his baseball career. He believes he has more life in his career life otherwise he wouldn’t be trying to comeback after two hip surgeries. MLB and the Yankees want him to go quietly in the night, it’s not going to happen. He doesn’t trust the Yankees and the Yankees hate the fact they signed him to a huge contract that blew up with the steroid scandal and the playoff failures.

One thing ARod should be thankful for is that George Steinbrenner isn’t alive to see this mess because George would be front and center and would have really turned up the heat on ARod. Believe it. If you don’t believe it or were around back in the 1980’s just look up Dave Winfield when George hired Howie Spria to dig up dirt on Winfield.

The Yankees are holding out playing ARod for one reason…so MLB can suspend ARod and then the Yankees can have just cause to get out from under his contract.BUt don’t expect this to be like Ryan Braun where he meekly accepts a suspension. The battle for savage what is left of Alex Rodriquez career has begun!

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7 thoughts on “ARod facing suspension through 2014 if he accepts deal

      1. I was watching the Evander Holtfied Riddick Bowe bouts all three of them and I got to think if Holyfield had fought Ali Fraizer Foreman and Norton and in prime Larry Holmes how would he have fared …

      2. I think that Ali, Frazier, And Foreman would have been a big step up in class for Evander and I don’t see him faring that well against that group. A fight with Norton & Holyfield might have been interesting though…
        What do you think?

      3. I think I will write a series on those matchups like I did the Tyson one. I will say this styles makes fights and Holyfield was an inside fighter, inside fighters gave Ali trouble because it took away his jab. A young Froeman would have knocked out Holyfield and I am not going to say anymore lol

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