MLB: Players involoved in BioGenesis willing to accept suspensions, ARod will fight his suspension

Ryan Braun soon to be suspended

As already expected the other players not names Ryan Braun in the Biogenesis scandal will accept their suspensions all that is except one player…Alex Rodriquez. Did anyone expect any different? According to some published reports most of the suspensions will more than likely be in the 50 game range. The suspensions are believed to be official within the next 72 hours.
In anticipation of a suspension for shortstop Jhonny Peralta, the Detroit Tigers on Tuesday night acquired Jose Iglesias from Boston in a three-way trade. Similarly, the Texas Rangers have spent weeks looking for a replacement for outfielder Nelson Cruz, whom they expect to accept a suspension. Other players who could take the pleas include: San Diego shortstop Everth Cabrera, New York Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli, three minor leaguers (Jesus Montero, Cesar Puello and Fernando Martinez) and two free agents (Jordan Norberto and Fautino De Los Santos).

Rodriguez, meanwhile, is obstinate in his plans to appeal any suspension despite what one source deemed “overwhelming” evidence tying him to extensive performance-enhancing drug use as well as interfering with the league’s investigation into Biogenesis, the south Florida wellness clinic at the center of the latest PED controversy.

By threatening to suspend Rodriguez under a best-interests-of-baseball clause in the collective-bargaining agreement rather than the agreed-upon discipline of the league’s joint drug agreement, commissioner Bud Selig amped up the game of chicken between MLB and Rodriguez. The fear inside baseball is that if Rodriguez appeals a suspension, he could be playing games within the next week while the rest of the players in the Biogenesis case, including the already-suspended Ryan Braun, are sidelined.

Of course there are some people who may wonder why is ARod getting almost all the attention in this scandal. One reason he is the biggest name in this scandal also with the biggest contract and stands to lose the most if he is suspended and loses his appeal. Unlike Ryan Braun who has years left in his career to undo the damage done by this, this is the end of the line for ARod at age 38 coming off of 2 hip surgries the end of his career is drawing to a close, what was left of his legacy is now comepletelytarnished and shattered. By playing the chicken game with MLB and making them prove that he is involved in this scandal this has completely taken away any crediability he might have had left.Now he is the poster child for steroids in Baseball. Since Baseballl couldn’t get Bonds, Mc Gwire and Sosa , ARod is the one that makes up for all that MLB didn’t and couldn’t do before.

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