MUST-LISTEN: Mike Francesa, Bill Madden Get Into Heated Debate About A-Rod

Bill MaddenMike Francesa

Having grew up in New York I truly understand that we take our sports seriously…very seriously. Which is why WFAN in New York sparks the kind of sports talk that rages like no place else.
Yesterday the talk remained serious as both Mike Francesa of WFAN and Bill Madden of New York Daily News discussed Alex Rodriquez. The conversation took a more heated tone with Francesa questioning Madden as to why he and his I team of reporters were picking or singling out ARod only. Here below is the conversation that was spoken on the air.

NEW YORK (WFAN) – New York Daily News sportswriter Bill Madden joined WFAN host Mike Francesa in studio on Tuesday afternoon to talk about — what else? — Alex Rodriguez.

The Yankees’ third baseman, of course, has been suspended by Major League Baseball for 211 games for his ties to the Biogenesis of America clinic and is currently playing for New York as he appeals the suspension.

In the first segment of the interview, Madden gave his take on the A-Rod suspension and made some claims about what was initially offered to the slugger and how the process played out.

In the second part of the interview, however, things got heated.

Francesa repeatedly asked Madden why the 14-time All-Star is treated so much worse than all of the other alleged — or admitted — performance-enhancing drug users, and wondered how it’s fair that Rodriguez, more so than any other player, has become the black eye of baseball.

Below is a snippet of their lengthy exchange, and you can listen to the interview in its entirety,

MF: Why has everyone made this all about A-Rod and nobody else? If it’s about cleaning up the game, why does no one care about … Let’s start there. If it’s about cleaning up the game, why is A-Rod being singled out here, and he’s the only one that anyone talks about. No one ever brings up anybody else. Why is it always about A-Rod?

BM: Because he’s the biggest offender. Plain and simple. Look at the suspension.

MF: What about the guys you don’t know about who … How come your investigative team doesn’t care about the other 100 names on that list that have never been made public. If you’re going to clean up the game, why not start there?
BM: Well, how would you suggest we do that?

MF: Well who’s ever gone about that? How come the one name leaked off that list was A-Rod?

BM: There was more than one name.

MF: Who else?

BM: David Ortiz.

MF: Yeah, who denied it, who went and held a press conference and denied it and everything went away. No one says one word to David Ortiz! My point is, why is it only about A-Rod? There have been hundreds of guys who did steroids!

BM: Because right now, in this Biogenesis case, he was the leader of the pack down there. And he’s the guy that Major League Baseball has the most evidence on as far as multiple violations of this drug agreement.

MF: What can you tell me that A-Rod has done, other than use steroids. We know there were a bunch of guys who used steroids. We know that there have been hundreds of players who used steroids. What makes A-Rod to the point where you have called him the Whitey Bulger of baseball? What has he done that’s so above using steroids?

The problem with the interview from my standpoint is that as is his custom Francesa believes only he knows all the answers. Madden did answer his question, the reason they came hard after ARod is because he was the worse offender of them all, worse than Ryan Braun and the pther 12 players that were also suspended. But Francesa didn’t hear that or chose not to. Madden also said that there was more bombshells forthcoming about ARod, if Francesa had watched Madden’s body language during the interview which was also televised on the YES Network there was more that Madden knew about ARod but could not say. Passly because he would have to reveal sources that might be compromised. Francesa didn’t think of that. Maybe if Francesa hadn’t spend so much time recently talking up ARod as if he did nothing wrong he might, have had a right to ask Bill Madden …why ARod? But since he was shilling hard for ARod his objectivity was shot. Madden knew more than he could say. Francesa should have left it at that.

In New York Mike Francesa is known as a Yankee fan and will defend his beloved Yankees.The fact that ARod plays for the Yankees isn’t lost here. It’s one thing to be a fan, I love my Mets but be objective as objective as one can be. Too many times though Mike Francesa throws objectivity out once he sinks his teeth into a subject as polarizing as ARod.
That said it made for good radio and good television in case you were watching.

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