Ryan Dempster hits ARod …did he mean to do it?

If you are a RedSox fan or a Yankee fan you have a definite opinion about last night’s RedSox/ Yankees game in which the Yankees won 9-6. But what if you are a fan of either team can you be objective about whether or not Ryan Dempster meant to hit ARod? As the expression goes I have no dog in this fight, but I’d like to hear from you RedSox and Yankees your feelings about last night’s RedSox/Yankees game and in particular the Ryan Dempster hitting of ARod.

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7 thoughts on “Ryan Dempster hits ARod …did he mean to do it?

      1. The problem I have with that ump Jerry is that he stood there and watched Dempster throw four straight pitches in tight and then tighter until he hit him. He had four reasons NOT to get caught up in anything except what he gets paid to do.
        It’s a travesty that now Girardi has a bigger fine than the pitcher who hit ARod in the first place. Don’t you think?

      2. see the problem I have is the pitcher has the right to pitch inside and I could make a case that is what he was allegedly doing, by the third pitch yes I would have warned both teams …as for Girardi on replay it looks like he took a swing at the ump which is possibly why he got the fine

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