The drama continues for ARod

Arod BioGenesis

We can’t say we weren’t warned. He did say there would be more things coming out. Alex Rodriquez did nail it to be sure. He is like TNT he knows drama. No two ways about it. He is a writer’s dream, he is a one man pr firm he makes up for what the Jets don’t do in a quiet week. There is always something going on with ARod. If he isn’t flirting with women in the stands during a playoff game then he is being benched for his lacking of hitting, if he isn’t being benched he is pinch hit for, if it isn’t about being pinch hit for then it is about not one hip surgery but now two hip surgeries, if it isn’t about the hips then it is about what comes out of his lips…lies about his alleged steroid use. First to Katie Couric… No I have never taken steroids…No. Yet we finally find out that he lied about that, finally he admitted that he did use steroids when he was with the Texas Rangers when he signed his 10 years 250 million contract with them. He use the roids to help him play up to the pressures he was under so he says. Then he claimed he did use it anymore.Not so fast said Major League Baseball, Arod was linked to BioGenesis clinic in Miami which is his hometown …so ARod are you jucing again? No …and the truth will come out…here we go MLB said they have evidence that not only did he use steroids again and was involved in the BioGenesis clinic but that he obstructed their investigation, pay offs were alleged. It is always something with this guy.

Recently, WFAN Host Mike Francesa asked why ARod? Good question, here is the answer. Why not ARod? He has twice received the highest pay in the sport 250 from Texas and 275 from the Yankees. He knows money, lots of it. When you are the highest paid player in the sport you get attention whether you like it or not. There is a bullseye that makes him a target, then there is his play on the field, the lack of clutch hitting in the post season for most of his career especially with the Yankees. And he plays in the biggest media market in the world….New York City. He is under the watchful eye of media and fans alike. And make no mistake about it he loves attention, bad attention or negative attention is better than no attention at all.

ARod envolves emotion you either like him or you don’t like him. No middle ground. He is larger than life, his very public break up with his former wife then his brief encounter with a stipper in Toronto, then his string of Hollywood girlfriends Katie Hudson, Cameron Diaz, all get attention whether he manipulates it or not.

So now the attention has shifted back to the playing field. Back to his battle with MLB over evidence they have on him with the Biogenesis clionic and his steroid use and his 211 game suspension. The drama never ends for him. Most of us would be sick of it and would look to put the drama away, not ARod …he basks in its light, he meets the press, he doesn’t shy away from them, he may lie to your face but at least he isn’t saying no comment or psuhing the cameras away or something like that. Not ARod!

Just remember he did warn everyone there was more to come …he may lie about everything else but he didn’t lie about that.

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