Monday Morning Quarterbacking …Jets lose to the Pats, The Giants lose to the Broncos

Eli sacked by DenverGeno vs Pats

Thursday night’s game that featured the New York Jets vs the New England Patriots gave us a couple of glimpses of two franchises heading in two different directions. The Patriots were misfiring on all cylinders and left Tom Brady visably frustrated something we haven’t seen before. The Jets do not have the playmakers on offense yet to take a game awy like Thursday night’s game against the Patriots, yet the Jets had a chance at the end of the game to win the game until Rookie quarterback Geno Smith threw his third and final interception of the game. Pats 13 Jets 10. The game was ugly, the playing conditions in the second half was just as ugly and Julian Edelman was about the only receiver who consistantly held on to Tom Brady’s passes (13). On the plus for the Jets Geno Smith kept his composure despite the Patriots showing alotr of pressure and despite getting snadwich ed on on play and still was able to get the pass off to Stephen Hill. After two games as Jet fan you have to like what you see in Geno Smith, no he isn’t RG3 or Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson, he is an unfinished product but his poise and calm under pressure in two games so far is impressive as well as his arm. He makes throws that Mark Sanchez would be shy to make.

Sunday featured the Manning bowl Eli vs Peyton…

Unless they meet again in the postseason, this was the last Manning Bowl.
Peyton is 3-0 against younger brother Eli in regular-season games after Denver’s 41-23 rout Sunday of the New York Giants.

”I think both of us are glad that it’s over with,” Peyton said after throwing for two touchdowns. ”Postseason is one thing, but I don’t think I’ll make it to the next regular season (meeting, in four years). I think this’ll be the end of it. So I’ll be happy about that. And the family will.”

He got this win with a huge boost from Knowshon Moreno, who rushed for two touchdowns and 93 yards on just 13 carries. Denver dominated much of the matchup between Super Bowl MVP quarterbacks; Eli has won two titles, Peyton one. The older Manning’s first two victories against his sibling came when Peyton was with the Colts.

”For me, it’s a strange feeling,” Peyton said. ”It’s not quite as enjoyable as if you beat somebody else.”

Peyton finished 30 of 43 for 307 yards with no interceptions. Eli was 28 of 39 for 362 yards, but was picked off four times; he had 15 interceptions all of last season and has seven already this year.

”It’s very disappointing, frustrating … the whole point is we have to hang in there,” Giants coach Tom Coughlin said. ”We have 14 games to go. We have been 0-2 before. We dug ourselves into a hole before and been able to fight our way out of it. When we did it was with team, but the performance level has to come up.”

The trend of turn overs continues with the Giants. Which last week we made the excuse that the offense wasn’t completely in sync and that the running game was the problem. Can’t use that as an excuse this week, so what’s the problem G-men?The turnovers are building at a rapid rate. Coach Tom Couglin and company are going to have to figure this out quickly or the season could be over early.

The Giants are now 0-2 and only good thing you can say about being 0-2 is they get to play the Carolina Panthers who are also 0-2. Somebody is going to be 0-3 after next Sunday. I don’t figure it to be the Giants. Look for the Giants to rebound next week.

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