Fans in Jacksonville held a Tim Tebow rally … and no one showed…


Ok maybe a few people showed, but you get the idea it was enough that the people were called into break up the rally. No one was going to get arrested for disturbing the peace. Tebowmania ran it’s course, it was fun while it lasted. It drove fans crazy in Denver but didn’t totally get embraced in New York and died a painful death in New England. Unless Tebow is willing to reinvent himself at another position (Fullback) the two heisman trophy winner looks to be done like turkey on Thanksgiving. He wouldn’t be the first Heisman winner to have to reinvent himself in another field. Charlie Ward ended up playing in the NBA for the New York Knicks for a time and decent a job and did not embarass himself. Perhaps there is another field awaiting Tim Tebow. Now is a good as any time to find out what awaits him. The NFLisn’t in a rush to sign him to Quarterback and so much for all the talk of being a winner. He didn’t stick in New England. Just saying …

The fact that Jacksonville hasn’t signed Tebow yet should say something about the situation both they and Tebow are in. Jacksonville is awful plain and simple and could use some juice at the box office, Tebow is out of work and is big in Jacksonville having played his college career in the state of Florida. Seems like a match right? I guess not.For allthe talk of fans being so passionate about Tebow and how much he is what we all should be about for this few of Tebow supporters to show up is nothing short of disgraceful.But this has hammered home the point that Tebowmania for all it’s noise has lose alot of steam.

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