Cleveland Browns trade Richardson to the Colts

The city of Cleveland has to be wondering what did they do to anger the sports gods? LeRon James leaves for South Beach,and now Trent Richardson is traded to the Colts…but Cleveland got Andrew( not ready to play yet) Bynum. This is a deal that makes no sense…

2 games into the season and already the Browns have thrown in the towel. They are tanking the season.How else do you explain trading a 23 year old running back who was the number 3 draft pick in the 2012 NFL draft. In a trade that will set the franchise back 5 years, the Cleveland Browns traded Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts for a first-round pick in the 2014 draft.

Usually in the NFL you don’t see this kind of trade in season, it just isn’t done quite that way. Normally the offseason is when you see moves like this. Maybe signing a free agent or two you can see happening. This is the kind of move you see in Baseball, Basketball and Hockey. Football not often. You don’t see alot of trades in Football period but none on this scale once the season starts.

This is move that smells Lake Erie kind of smell. To make the comment that “Trent’s a great player and we expect him to have success in this league,” Browns CEO Joe Banner said, according to AP. “Right now, based on how we’re building this team for sustainable success, we’re going to be aggressive and do what it takes to assemble a team that consistently wins.” leaves one scratching their heads um seriously?

Trading a stud running back who isn’t even at his peak yet at 23 and bringing a aging running back like Willis McGahee how is that being aggressive? How is that going to give you sustainable success? The Colts will now have even more sustainable success. Andrew Luck and the Colts now have to be thinking Christmas came early for them and now this trade makes them among the elite in the AFC and no a title contender. Sustainabe success oh yes for the Colts for sure …the Browns nope.

Think about it this way …last week the Giants were in need of a running back, so they worked out both Brandon Jacobs and Willis McGahee and took Jacobs back. The same Bradon Jacobs that was such a pain in the butt that in the offseason of 2011-12 they let him walk away to the 49ers. The same 49ers who eventually cut him loose. So if the Giants were willing to take him bak after all that, what does that say about how much McGahee has left? Yet the Browns are willing to take a chance on McGahee?

How do you build a team by trading away a 23 year old stud running back and bringing a 32 year old who is considered a risk health wise? Unless there is something personal between the GM and the player that we don’t know about this is a trade based on it’s timing and for what they got back makes no sense, no sense at all.

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