Richardson still in shock over trade … so is Cleveland

If you say you saw this deal coming then you were someone in the Cleveland Browns front office or in the front office of the Colts. No one else saw this coming. The timing isn’t the customary timing in the NFL when making a deal of this magnitude. Trent Richardson the center piece of the deal surely didn’t see it coming and fans of the Browns also didn’t see this trade happening. In the words of Trent Richardson…”I can’t believe it,” “I didn’t see it coming from anywhere. I had a good relationship with everybody. But I guess it’s the best move for the Browns. At the end of the day it’s the best move for both of us, I guess.”

The odd man out in this deal is Ahmad Bradshaw the former Giant, he won’t see nearly as much action or touches after this Sunday. The Colts plan on using Richardson early and often or as Colts head coach Chuck Pagano said: “We did not bring him here to be the water boy on Sunday,” Pagano said. “He’ll be ready to roll.”
From the Colts point of view they now have the first overall pick and the 3rd overall from the 2012 NFL draft. Nice!!! Both in the same backfield which will make life so much easier for Andrew Luck.
Richardson’s indoctrination to the offense will be aided by his relationship with quarterback Andrew Luck, the first pick in the 2012 draft chosen two picks before the Browns dealt up to draft Richardson at No. 3.

“Me and Andrew have been good friends for a while,” Richardson said. “We were in the Heisman race together, we did stuff at the draft together. Andrew’s a good dude.” For Colts fans this has to bring back memories of Peyton Manning and Edgerrin James in the same backfield.

Life isn’t so rosy for the Cleveland Brown fans … According to one published report …A group of diehard Cleveland Browns fans at Bowling Green State University are considering a boycott after the team traded Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts.

Craig Shaffer and the group of a half dozen 21 and 22-year-olds who live with him at their house in Bowling Green are from Avon and Avon Lake. They’ve been Browns fans for as long as they can remember. But the team’s trade of Trent Richardson hit a sour note with them.

“We are outraged,” Shaffer told NewsChannel5. “We couldn’t believe it.”

Shaffer says he and his buddies splurged for a Browns ticket package for three games this season but are now considering not even showing up. He says he wants to show the Browns that they’re not happy with the decision.

“We want others to join us, we’re not sure what we’re going to do,” said Shaffer.

Shaffer said he and his buddies are seniors at BGSU this year and moving back to Cleveland to live and work was a real possibility for many of them.

“We love Cleveland sports so much, but now we’re second guessing that,” he said of moving back.

Shaffer said he just wants to see the Browns do well like they did in the ’80’s. He hears stories from his parents and relatives and he wants to be part of it himself.

It seems as if the fan mentioned in the above mentioned report will get his wish this season at least.

Consider this tweet

Matt Johnson @Mattvjohnson

It may be a good deal, but I don’t care. I just don’t care about the Browns anymore. I’m done. #Browns

I think that says it all if you are a diehard Browns. What did they do to angry the sports gods in Cleveland?

Trent Richardson

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2 thoughts on “Richardson still in shock over trade … so is Cleveland

  1. after 50 yrs. “I’m done” also…a man should’nt have to put up with this much crap in life. The Browns are officially right up there with my ex wife on where I wanna spend my weekends!

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